Innovative Bread Storage

By Carolyn Shearlock © 2014 • all rights reserved

Frustrated by crushed bread and  crackers?  Got a little space that would be perfect for storing them, except no shelves?  Here's one solution that works perfectly!

This storage solution from Annie Griffin, aboard M/V Rock Me Baby:

Have to share my solution to crushed bread on my Mainship 31. It was the solution to a pet peeve and I was really happy with how it worked out.

I had the perfect little out of the way space and finally figured out how to utilize it. I used a hanging compartment shoe rack designed for a closet. The compartments “cubbies” are 6 x 6 x 12, perfect size for a loaf of bread or sleeve of crackers.

I cut the bottom four cubbies off so I would have finished bottom surface, attached it to the fiberglass headliner with 3M extreme hold double sided tape and Voila! No smashed bread or crumbled crackers. Plus I hung the rest of the shortened rack in a locker and now use it for shoes and rolled up T-shirts.

If you’ve got the right little bit of space on your boat, this is a great solution!  I can also see using one of the cubbies for towels and bar rags.

cubbies1I haven’t tried it, but I bet you could use Command Strips to hang it if you want something that’s easy to remove with no marks.

You can get the hanging shoe racks at most big box stores (Walmart, Target, Kmart) and also at places like Home Depot.  If you have a bit of a different size space, look online. Amazon has lots of different configurations and several colors:

There are lots of other colors and configurations available.  If you want 12″ wide shelves, look for “hanging sweater shelves.”

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  1. Sami Bolton says:

    What a great idea! I used one of these for storing towels, washcloths and sheets in a hanging locker. We found a bread shaped hard plastic bread container at BB&B along with a tomato keeper. We bought two and used one for onions. No more crushed tomatoes or stinky onions in the fridge.

  2. That is such a clever idea!

  3. I use one in my only wet locker, for a change in bedding, and my clothes. I picked my up at a dollar store. How do you keep the crackers and bread from not falling out of the front since it isn’t isn’t in a cupboard? I loved your idea with the hanging colanders, so I suppose a netting cover would work well with these too.

  4. I store my bread in my 9×13 baking pan…which fits in my oven..solving two problems at once..where to keep the bread from being squished and where to put the 9×13 pan.
    my cookie sheet fits under the 9×13 pan and since my oven has 2 racks in it..the cutting boards go between the two racks…just remember to take it all out when you light your stove.

  5. Hi Carolyn. Fun to see this repeat this morning. I did replace the double side tape with HD velcro this year. Tape is messy. The solution still “hanging in there! ” and usually full of bread, crackers and chips.

    • Love this! Noticed that you said mainship 31, we just bought a 1998 Mainship 31 sedan bridge! Is that what you have? Would love some storage ideas.

    • Well hanging bread thingies is between stairwell and wall. Dishes go in the table cupboard with a wire shelf expander. Pots and pans nest under the sink along with a bin of canned goods. Dry groceries in settee locker. Friend built me two awesome hidden spice racks. Mounted on a bulkhead. We made the bottom bunk into a chest of drawers with plastic file drawers. Little modified.

    • You’re gonna like your boat. We’ve been on this one nearly 5,000 miles since 2013.

  6. Way to go Ann Griffin.

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