In-Sole Dust Pan

Here’s a neat idea from reader Chip Lawson, who is doing a massive refit (almost a total rebuild it seems) of his Pearson 40.

Below one of the teak grates in his cabin sole, he fitted a small removable pan – a dust pan, that is. He can sweep dust, dirt and sand just into the grate and it falls into the pan, which he periodically empties.

An added bonus, that Chip didn’t mention, was that we always had to keep a small rug over the grate on Que Tal, so that small items wouldn’t fall into the bilge. Pens were bad enough, but anything metal would rust and AA batteries would cause real problems between water in the bilge and a stainless water tank. A dust pan under the grate would equally catch anything that fell.

When you need access to the bilge, all you have to do is remove the dust pan – just as if you were emptying it – and you can get to whatever you need to.

And while Chip has built in the dust pan, he made a point of noting that the old teak and holly sole in the photos is going to be replaced.

While Chip didn’t give directions for exactly how he made his, it looks like he simply found a shallow pan that was just smaller than the grate, and attached angle brackets to two of the sides, which catch on the “ledges” that the grate sits on. He probably had to sand/route away a bit of the underrside of the grate so that it would still sit level with the sole. See photos below of the dustbin and with the grate in place.



Dustpan finished

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  • Mary Watson
    Posted at 24 October 2014 Reply

    Great idea….we were worried about our Golden Retriever’s massive hair loss each day…and how it would slip into vents or through the circular holes on the sole. I used bridal veil material to make screens for all these places…thin enough to catch whispy hair but yet large enough to allow air into intake spaces. After I read a blog post about how someone had a clogged bilge pump due to pet hair, I realized that it was more than just an was a danger. We have a pan similar to this for the “big hole” and the material is great for the smaller holes and vents.

  • Ruth Brodhead Duncan
    Posted at 24 October 2014 Reply

    #125 added to the honey do list

  • Bill Jenks
    Posted at 24 October 2014 Reply

    Our Catalina 42 had one of these at the base of the ladder. The location is perfect to collect sand, etc from shoes and drips from wet gear when you first go below. It is a standard item from the factory.

  • Tod Mills
    Posted at 24 October 2014 Reply

    That is such a great idea!

  • Bart Trish Masker
    Posted at 24 October 2014 Reply

    Love the idea, but not sure if we have the courage to cut a hole in the sole of the boat!!! We just purchased a 2003 Catalina 350 Hull #122 in August and trying to make all the upgrades without a saw in hand! 🙂

  • Patrick
    Posted at 24 October 2014 Reply

    Great idea! It came stock on our Morgan 462.

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