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Got a serious condensation problem? See what one reader did to line the hull, padding items inside and preventing water from getting to cans and containers and making it easy to clean!

Reader Tammy Swart, aboard Dos Libras, has had a problem with condensation and wetness in several of her lockers.  Damp to wet locker walls, rusting cans, peeling labels and so on.  YUCK!

On Wednesday, she posted the photo above on The Boat Galley’s Facebook page with the following note:

“I wanted to share a find with your readers.  I used a new bath mat to line the hull inside our galley cabinet. It keeps things from rattling in there, it separates the contents from the sweating wetness and mildew of the hull, is made from mildew resistant material, and has it’s own mounting suction cups.”

Great idea as it both gives more padding than the typical thin hull liners and provides better insulation.

Tammy gave me a link to this bath mat on Amazon as the one she used:

If that one is the wrong size for you, I found several other similar bath mats:

In addition to the features mentioned by Tammy — and maybe most important of all — if there still is condensation and moisture between the bath mat and the hull, it is much easier to pull out a bath mat and wash it off than the fabric hull liners that are glued to the hull (that’s what previous owners had used on Que Tal).  The mat Tammy chose — and most of the other vinyl mats — can even be thrown in a washing machine.

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  1. What a clever idea!

  2. I used one for the top of the counter where you stepped in from companionway- keeps a steady foot and scratches from occurring

  3. Thanks for sharing. I would not have thought about that

  4. Awesome idea!

  5. Another Fab idea.

  6. Great idea !

  7. Dri-dek tiles would also work for this, but they’re kind of expensive. McMaster-Carr has some options which are cheaper than dri-dek

    In fact, McMaster has all sorts of goodies.

    I’ve used, under my mattresses, fiber filter material like this

    which, although kind of messy, do a great job of aeration/ventilation and are super cheap

  8. That’s a great idea. 🙂

  9. I wonder if the insulation sold that sticks to the walls of engine compartments for heat and noise reduction would work as well?

  10. Russ Titus good idea!

  11. I’ve tried that, but the area I have a problem with is vertical. The bath mat won’t stay in place, I don’t have a smooth surface to attach it to. Any thoughts?

  12. We used this product to cover the interior hull walls in the bow under our bed 2 years ago. Much warmer and drier now. No maintenance. Few dabs of adhesive holds it in place. Very inexpensive solution.

  13. When we were living aboard (Toronto) we lined the whole hull with Reflectix. Its a foil/bubblewrap insulation. glued to the hull and then covered with regular vinyl ceiling. its incredibly warm for its thickness and has the added benefit of turning your whole hull into a radar reflector!!

  14. Some great ideas! In the photo it appears to be attached vertical, is there a glue recommended?

  15. Intersting. I lined all of our lockers with outdoor carpet. If that doesn’t work I will try the bath mats.

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