"Boat hair, don't care!" might be fine out on the water, but the sun, wind and salt water can be pretty nasty. I've found a great product that doesn't repair damage -- it prevents it!

Hair Voodoo

“Boat hair, don’t care!”

Being out in the wind, sun, salt air and salt water can definitely take its toll on hair. And despite what we say about “don’t care,” most of us do. And so we go nuts trying to correct the damage — or end up cutting our hair far shorter than we want just to get rid of the damaged portion.

If you’ve read many articles here, you’ll know that I greatly prefer avoiding a problem to fixing one. One of my mantras is “preventive maintenance beats emergency repairs” — and that doesn’t apply solely to boat mechanics.

In this case, it’s a pre-treatment for my hair called Hair Voodoo, which was designed by and for boaters, swimmers, and divers to prevent that “straw hair” before it even starts.

  • Spray a little in wet or dry hair and comb it through or work it in with your hands. You don’t need much!
  • Hair Voodoo will stay in your hair, actively protecting it, until you wash it out with shampoo. Salt and fresh water won’t remove it. So after a day of wind, sun and salt water, just give your hair a quick freshwater rinse to get the salt out. Only shampoo when you need to, condition as usual, then add another spritz of Hair Voodoo.
  • Unisex and all-ages: there’s no scent and it’s safe for kids.

I have been using Hair Voodoo for over a month now — and being summer, I’m in the water nearly every day and well as just plain “living outside” in the sun and wind. It is working much better than my old system of periodically deep conditioning my straw-like hair and trying to repair the damage that this lifestyle does. I have far fewer split ends and less broken hair and my hair just feels better. Using a light spray, my hair does not feel greasy.

Disclaimer: I was given a bottle of Hair Voodoo by the company to try — it’s a new product and they wanted feedback as well as exposure. Nicole, one of the owners of the company, was emphatic about wanting an honest opinion on it as they begin marketing. Further, I don’t get anything on sales . . . but I will be buying more for myself!

Right now, Hair Voodoo is only sold on Facebook, on the company’s page. It’s $20 for a bottle that will last for 20 – 30 applications (a two to three month supply unless you have extremely long hair).

  • Buy Hair Voodoo on Facebook (once there, click on the picture of the bottle to start the purchase process) IMPORTANT: this link is currently ONLY working on desktop, not mobile.

Note: if you go looking for their Facebook page, it’s hairvooodoo (note the extra “o” in the middle!)

The company hopes to be selling the product on Amazon later this year.

"Boat hair, don't care!" might be fine out on the water, but the sun, wind and salt water can be pretty nasty. I've found a great product that doesn't repair damage -- it prevents it!

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  • Karen Meyers Haver
    Posted at 30 August 2017 Reply

    Page not found from link

    • The Boat Galley
      Posted at 30 August 2017 Reply

      It works for me, so I’m not sure what the problem was, other than a FB glitch perhaps.

    • Karen Meyers Haver
      Posted at 30 August 2017 Reply

      Thanks! I’ll try from a computer instead of phone later

  • CJ Grabenstein
    Posted at 30 August 2017 Reply

    Oh yes battling with straw hair right now. I just ordered some argan oil so we will see how that goes, but interested in this! The link taking me to purchase on Facebook did not work for me either.

  • Sarah Daly
    Posted at 30 August 2017 Reply

    Can’t find link either do they not have a website??

  • Connie Motley
    Posted at 30 August 2017 Reply

    The link doesn’t work and when I search for the fb page, nothing comes up.

    • Carolyn Shearlock
      Posted at 30 August 2017 Reply

      It apparently works on desktop, but not on mobile. I’ve sent the company a note and hopefully this will be fixed soon.

      • Betsy Ash
        Posted at 06 September 2017 Reply

        thank you!!! Because I’m either going to shave my head when becoming a cruiser…..or braid it up forever!!! Someone give us a head’s up when things are a go? OK? Thanks!!

  • The Boat Galley
    Posted at 30 August 2017 Reply

    They do not have a website, and their FB page worked early this morning but not now. I sent Nicole a note asking. I’m sorry, as it’s really frustrating to me, too!

  • JoAnn Williams
    Posted at 30 August 2017 Reply

    Their Facebook page is working fine now.

  • The Boat Galley
    Posted at 30 August 2017 Reply

    Trying some different things. It worked for me on desktop with the link in the article, and I’ve tried several ways to get to their store on mobile, but can’t. I am sorry as I do love their product!

  • Karen Meyers Haver
    Posted at 30 August 2017 Reply

    No problem from desktop.
    Try this link

  • Karen Meyers Haver
    Posted at 30 August 2017 Reply

    The “Shop” page does not seem to translate to mobile use but can be accessed from desktop version.

  • Judith Nelson Cruzan
    Posted at 31 August 2017 Reply

    I’ll have to tell my daughter, she’ll be moving back to Islamorada next spring.

  • Beverly Werchan
    Posted at 31 August 2017 Reply

    I was able to successfully order it from my desk top computer. We live in FL and spend a lot of time in/near the water. I have long hair and it gets tangled and straw like. I’m looking forward to getting it.

  • Eve
    Posted at 31 August 2017 Reply

    What are the ingredients? I try to avoid some of the nasty chemicals found in a lot of hair products.

  • Cathy Berry
    Posted at 05 September 2017 Reply

    I have long hair, below my shoulders and fairly thick. I have found that using jojoba oil or coconut oil lightly on my hair works really well. The oil insulates it from the spray and salt, makes it easier to brush and, it looks decent even if we’ve been on the water all day. Coconut oil is also good on the skin – somewhat of a sunscreen too. Age is allowing me to tan more easily (over 60). I also use it in baking and cooking – my magic oil in the house and on the boat.

  • cyndy
    Posted at 03 December 2017 Reply

    I’m sure it works great. However, …. siloxane (first ingredient on the list) is still siloxane which is liquid siliicone. It is listed as having zero environmental impact. Silicone is silicone and it does have an impact. It also contains “Ethyhexyl Methoxycinnamate” (sic) which is a proven bleaching agent to reefs (one of the top 3 sunscreens that are damaging).
    I’ll stick to my homemade concoction of 15 parts essential Jojoba oil to 1 part essential tea tree oil which is what I use and I wash my hair in salt water and dawn with a light fresh water rinse. My hair is shiny and manageable with only a couple drops rubbed between my hands and lightly applied to my hair.
    First time I have ever disagreed with one of your recommendations and I’m a long time follower.
    At least there was no nasty palm oil!!

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