GSI Toaster Screen Replacement

I love my GSI Toaster and use it practically every day (read more about it here). But that bottom screen burned out after several years of being directly over an open flame. And without it, the flame was burning my bread instead of nicely toasting it.

I tried everywhere to find a replacement screen. No luck. Nowhere that sells the toasters had one, and the GSI website didn’t list one. I could buy a large piece of stainless screen, but that would cost more a new toaster.

In desperation, I finally called the GSI customer service number. Yes, you can buy a replacement screen directly from them . . . and for less than the price of a new toaster. It’s $5 plus postage (in my case, postage was $2.80; prices as of September 2016). I’m kicking myself now for not buying a second one as a spare.

So, if you need a replacement screen or just want one as a spare, call 800-704-4474 (US). It was the receptionist who handled the transaction for me, and you must pay by credit card. I don’t know if they will ship outside the US (or if it’s cost-prohibitive). Right now, it’s not listed on the “parts” page of their website – maybe that will change if they start getting calls for screens!

Note: it takes less than a minute and no tools to remove the old screen and install the new one. The edge is already bent to fit over the stainless rail.

How to buy a replacement stainless screen for a GSI camping toaster.

How to buy a replacement stainless screen for a GSI camping toaster.

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