How to Grill Guides: FREE PDF Downloads

Got questions about how to grill a particular food?

Here are 3 good FREE downloadable PDFs filled with grilling information for various meats and vegetables.  All are good reference materials to have onboard, whether on your computer, a Kindle or just printed out.

I’m still looking for a good PDF on how to grill seafood — if you know of any, please let me know and I’ll add it here.

These are all available in PDF format.  In each case, you can either click on the name of the document to view it (and then save it or print it), or you can right-click it and “Save File As” to simply save a copy of it for future reference.

Grill Talk

Grill Talk is put out by the Cattlemen’s Beef Board and their consumer information services.  It has lots of tips for grilling beef.  (0.4 meg)

The first page of this 2-page handout tells approximately how long to grill various cuts of beef on either a charcoal or gas grill.  The second page gives buying and grilling tips, such as which cuts are best, how to tell if the fire is hot enough and how to use a meat thermometer to determine if steaks are done.

Steak Boot Camp

Steak Boot Camp is put out by Weber, and contains 7 pages of information, all pertaining to grilling the perfect steak.  It starts with basic beef information (grades and aging), describes the various steak cuts, and provides detailed grilling instructions.  (1.75 meg)

Weber’s Grilling Guide

Another publication by Weber, an overview of pretty much how to grill anything on any type of grill — don’t think it won’t apply to you when you see the first grill listed is electric. It goes on to give info for gas and charcoal grills. With just 5 pages, this guide gives more general information on various types of food than step-by-step “how to grill” information.

This is probably the best all-purpose reference, although some of the others provide far more detailed information and tips.  If you’re storing the information electronically, there’s no reason not to download them all!

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  • Bob Bechler
    Posted at 03 July 2011 Reply

    Only Grill Talk and The Grilling Chart for Meats actually yielded pdf files

    • Carolyn Shearlock
      Posted at 03 July 2011 Reply

      Thanks Bob! I had tested these several days ago and all worked, but they moved the files on me! I have fixed the Weber links, but the one for Morningstar Farms is totally gone and so I removed it. Sorry to anyone who tried to get these!

  • Tony Esposito on Facebook
    Posted at 18 December 2011 Reply

    Thanks for the tips. I always enjoy your entries.

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