Got Flies? Get Tabasco!

By Carolyn Shearlock © 2015 • all rights reserved

Use Tabasco Sauce to Get Rid of Flies: Got flies? Try this way to get rid of them fast . . . another reason to keep a bottle of Tabasco on hand!

I just got this tip from Nicola Kamper, who is currently cruising the Bahamas:

I learned something new last night. We had a potluck, and the flies came in droves to the food table. Someone recommended Tabasco, so I got my bottle, we swirled some onto a plate, set it on the table, and the flies disappeared!

I haven’t had the chance to try this — no flies where I’ve been, thankfully. I’d love to hear from anyone else who tries it: does it work for you or not?

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  1. Jeri Berge says:

    I wonder if it would work for those pesky noseeums!?!?

  2. I havent tried it but sounds like its worth a shot.

  3. Really works. If there are flies around while you’re eating, put a rim of hot sauce around the edge of your plate. Keeps the flies away.

    • Barbara Lowell says:

      Do you mean just from your plate or does it keep them away period, from the whole table? In FL we have these hideous yellow flies, deer flies that sting hurtfully and very itchy and they are relentless. Poor horses get attacked too, this would be great if it worked on the horses ears which they attack. I am going to get some right today since I use a different hot sauce. Wonder how long it is effective because Tabasco does emit fumes, so potent.

      • It might burn the horses ears, maybe check with your vet. Or put some on the horses halter or on a cloth tied to hair around the ears.

  4. I may give this a try, not many flies out yet up here since temps are still staying cool but I’m sure that will change.

  5. Wow! Never heard of this but we always have tabasco. Will give it a shot!!

  6. Does it work for no-see-ums and bluebottles?

  7. Will definitely give this a try in the summer. Alan Mackenzie- so long as you don’t taste it!

  8. First reaction: waste of Tabasco! I treat mine like liquid gold, addicted!! Keen to see if it works though in the galley, I love the windows open when I’m cooking!

  9. I heard you just have to hang a plastic bag with some water and a penny it it and it will keep the flies away. Something about how then can’t see due to all the reflections? Never tried it though.

    • in my country is very comun see plastic bag with water inside, no peny just water and its work fine, have to tie in high position close to your table, i means window or some like, nearest, this light reflection disturbing alot flys

  10. Hum worth a try

  11. It works!

  12. Hi All – Could those of you who would like to know the results on others pests give it a try and report back. It would really be useful to the rest of the group ;-). Also, if you can, buy the Tobasco Sauce at Costco, It’s really big and really inexpensive for the amount you get.

  13. Tabasco worked great at Great Harbour Cay tonight-kept everything away. Thanks!

  14. Caroline Holt says:

    We went to Avery Island LA where they make Tabasco just this past weekend! I will try this and let everyone know how it goes down on the gulf coast.

  15. Phyllis Pardee says:

    This really does work to keep flies from landing on your plate. It won’t necessarily get rid of them entirely from around table but we have seen a HUGE different by using it in the Bahamas this year. Any hot sauce seems to work.

    • Betina Lange says:

      I tried a small dish of Tapatio on the table just to see yesterday. I don’t think I would recommend Tapatio for flies, since a few flies landed on the dish and nowhere else 😀 Perhaps too sweet? I’m trying out water bags. Will add results.
      We are moored on Califirnia’s Central Coast. No bities, but every so often enough flies to chase me inside on an otherwise beautiful day. I read it, I will try it! Lavender and Citronella up next.

  16. Susie Burall says:

    We used the water in a polythene bag on a charter in the Barrier Reef and we were told it definitely worked, but I think the pesky biting flies liked my pale anglo saxon skin! Will try the Tobasco tip on future charters.

  17. susanlynn says:

    The Tabasco really works to keep flies away. We were sitting at an outdoor patio at a restaurant at a marina recently and the flies were getting rather annoying. There was a bottle of Tabasco sitting on the table and I took the lid off and immediately the flies decided to bother the other diners instead of us. Thanks Caroline.

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