Got a Dropper Bottle?

Here’s an idea from Barbara Lowell that I have to admit that I never even thought of — and it’s great.  She uses old dropper bottles and spray bottles for hot sauces and flavorful oils and so on.

Barbara now lives in a tiny house and says, “I had some hot sauce leftover and I put it into a prescription bottle with an eye dropper. This is such a great way to add hot sauce a few drops at a time, and to not have large bottles with little in them taking up valuable real estate.”

In a follow up note with the photo, she told me about using the little spray bottle for adding just a touch of ginger juice to dishes.

I love this as sometimes I want just a tiny bit of a particular flavor and it can be hard to get just a drop or two out of the original container.  Garlic and onion juice were my first two candidates for the dropper treatment as they are highly concentrated and more than once I’ve ended up with more than I wanted in a dish.  Liquid Smoke came next.

I didn’t have any old dropper bottles around, but I asked at my pharmacy and was able to buy a few very cheaply.  Problem solved!

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  • Tommy
    Posted at 29 January 2014 Reply

    If you like a classic martini, a dropper bottle would be perfect for adding the dry vermouth to the gin for a very dry drink. For those of you who like very, very dry martinis, forgo the dropper and simply whisper “vermouth” over the glass.

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