7 Galley Gifts Under $10

You don’t have to spend a bunch to get a great galley gift — either for a friend or for yourself (who said gifts are just for other people?).

Here are seven of my favorite galley items — and all under $10!  Links are directly to the item on Amazon . . . I’ve written about all of them in Outfitting articles if you want more info on why I think they’re great.

Nalgene 32-ounce water bottle for hiking or other trips ashore.  I particularly like the cover over the top to keep the drinking area clean — but easy to flip up with just one hand!  No BPA.

Chicago Metallic Non-Stick Loaf Pan — Great size for boat ovens at 8-1/2 x 4-1/2 inches. A heavy pan that helps distribute heat and very high quality non-stick.

Rescue Tape — will cure almost any hose leak up to 950 PSI.  Watermakers, fuel, propane, even insulating electrical wiring.  This is NOT the same stuff that you can buy in most home improvement stores — it’s a lot better.  Admittedly, this isn’t strictly “galley” but we used it on a number of galley problems so I’m including it.  It’s one of those products that you won’t have to use often, but when you do, it’s so helpful.  Be sure to read my article with tips on using it and a more complete list of ways it could be used.

Orca Silicone Spoon Spatula — this has become my go-to tool for any stirring on the stove as well as being a great scraper for getting the last bit out of jars, and cleaning dishes before washing them.  It not only works better than the rubber scraper I used to use, but it has far better heat resistance and lasts way longer!

Scrubr Non-Stinky Dish Cloths work incredibly well, with just enough texture to clean plates and pans.  But the real genius is that they are made of a non-absorbent material that easily rinses clean without using a lot of water and just never gets sour smelling.  While they don’t seem like an “exciting” gift, they will be much appreciated!

Danish Dough Whisk — this funny-shaped thing is the best mixing spoon I’ve ever used.  It’s not a “whisk” like the ones you use for beating eggs, but can handle heavy cookie and bread dough.  The 11″ one is the best size for general use; the 14″ one is too large for most bowls — particularly on a boat!  A wonderful addition to any galley, where few have an electric mixer.

Command Strips (link is to my article; buy at any hardware or big-box store) — these come in all sorts of products, from hooks to picture hangers and spring clips.  No need to drill holes in gorgeous woodwork and they’ll come off with no residue.  Command Strips will stick to finished wood, fiberglass, painted walls, smooth plastic, Formica, Corian and just about any other smooth surface.  I just keep finding more and more uses for them.

Got other ideas of great gifts under $10?  Leave a note (and a link if possible) in the comments!

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