Flavoring Powders

I just found a wonderful resource for cruisers — the Great American Spice Company!  And while they have a large selection of what might be called “traditional” spices, it’s their non-traditional offerings that intrigued me.

Things like powdered worcestershire, blue cheese, and hickory smoke.  And lots more.  The powders don’t need refrigeration and can either be mixed with water or just sprinkled into a recipe.

Four big advantages for cruisers:

  • Since the powders will stay good quite a long time, you can keep a stock on hand.
  • Most of the powders take up less space than the liquid version.
  • Powders are much easier to carry in luggage for those items that you can find in your chosen cruising grounds (the hickory smoke powder is the same flavor as “Liquid Smoke” which is almost impossible to find outside the US).
  • No refrigeration needed — great for things like the blue cheese and cheddar powders.  While they won’t work on top of a cracker, they can be used in many recipes as a flavoring.

While they have hundreds of different items, and I haven’t begun to scratch the surface with the few I’ve tried, here are several that might interest you:

  • Hickory Smoke Powder — great substitute for Liquid Smoke in making your own barbecue sauces or “smoked” fish dip
  • Lemon and Lime Juice — keep some on hand and mix with water any time you just need a bit of juice
  • Maple Powder — you can make it into syrup or just use it as flavoring — I like to mix a bit of the powder into pancake batter and the egg mixture for French toast, then not use syrup

They have lots more, too — you can see the whole list of their flavored powders here!

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  • Carol Watson
    Posted at 27 September 2012 Reply

    This is great information, got to try it. Our boat is in the Netherlands, and hauling even a few of these along with us could prove really interesting. Thanks.

  • Jackie Bartz
    Posted at 28 September 2012 Reply

    Another source for these…although they don’t have anywhere near the variety…is Emergency Essentials. They also have MREs for quick meals and a grand selection of bulk foods packaged for long-term storage. They were started as a source for home food storage, but are a wonderful source for boaters and campers, as well. I’m allergic to wheat so I get other whole grains from them and in that form they keep longer- certainly a plus on a boat when they can’t be gotten elsewhere. (I have a manual grinder, but most often use my Vita-Mix for that chore).

  • Lorraine Dolsen
    Posted at 09 June 2013 Reply

    I wonder of these get clumped or hard after a while from all the moisture on the boat. How do you store these in your boat so they stay fresh?

    • Carolyn Shearlock
      Posted at 10 June 2013 Reply

      I’d store them in airtight containers (that is, I’d put the little jar inside a larger airtight container, such as a Lock & Lock with a good positive seal), just the same way as spices and baking powder. And the other “trick” is not to hoard them as special treats not to be used . . . once opened, you have to use them up within a few months. I learned the hard way when I tried to ration taco seasoning and some ranch dressing mix . . . it just won’t last forever!

  • Ken Arnold
    Posted at 13 July 2013 Reply


    Poke around this website, really good deals

  • Evan W
    Posted at 26 December 2016 Reply

    Cheddar cheese powder is great on popcorn (NOT the microwave type). Make a roux with olive oil, and mix in with the popcorn when popped. Much more healthy than the microwave type… and very tasty!!

  • Bob Lucas
    Posted at 28 March 2017 Reply

    We buy from https://hoosierhillfarm.com/ – their powdered eggs taste better than real eggs..We use their powdered milk and crystallized eggs to make scrambled eggs. I like that they also sell bulk.

  • Patty Makowski
    Posted at 28 March 2017 Reply

    Take a look at “Spices, Etc.”. I have found very good quality there. I just used some of their Horseradish Powder last night – fantastic!. Thanks as always for your great info..

  • Peggy A Siegfried
    Posted at 28 March 2017 Reply

    I also like Hoosier Hill Farm. Especially their butter powder – sprinkled on anything.

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