Finding Black on Black

By Carolyn Shearlock © 2015 • all rights reserved

A Helpful Tip for Finding Black on Black: Do you constantly "lose" things that you know are right there?One of those "why didn't I think of this sooner?" moments!

I cannot tell you how much time Dave and I have spent looking for things that are right in front of us.

Maybe it’s getting older, maybe it’s that it’s a little bit dark in some of the places we’re working.

It happened again on Saturday, as we were putting in our new refrigerator. Dave needed the little flashlight and I couldn’t find it, despite having had it in my hand less than a minute before.

Yes, I’d put the black flashlight down on top of the black tool bag and just didn’t see it in amongst all the tools we had out.

When I finally did find it, Dave had a brilliant idea: take a piece of the bright-colored duct tape that we had left over from labelling things when we were moving and wrap it around the handle of the flashlight.

So much better! Now it was easy to spot.

Sounds funny, but it’s really going to be a time-saver. We have a number of things that we constantly “lose” that are going to get little pieces of tape!

A Helpful Tip for Finding Black on Black: Do you constantly "lose" things that you know are right there?One of those "why didn't I think of this sooner?" moments!

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  1. Another handy tip is to make a loop out of light line like para cord and tape it to your flash light. Use the loop to prevent dropping.,

  2. This is why I have a pink wallet…I can find it in my black handbag.

  3. Ted Broom says:

    We use reflective tape also. Quick location at night with the flashlight. I’m thinking of trying a wrap of it on Sophi’s tail. ( our black cat)…

  4. Lisa Kelly says:

    What to you suggest about glasses on top of your head?

  5. Good thinking, thanks for sharing!

  6. Anne Bridgman says:

    Just a smidgeon of designer duck tape makes your own luggage or laptop stand out from the rest – apply in a tasteful manner, of course. 🙂

  7. I also often attach about 10 inches of bright orange yarn to objects to make them more noticable, findable. Needs to be long enough to hang out of a shirt pocket. My electric shaver has a clear head protector, goes invisible. I taped a piece of yarn to it, almost never lose it now. (I often take my shaver along, shave while driving somewhere, save time from two boring chores.)
    I attach yarn, and sometimes a plastic bread tag with my name, to flash drives I loan to people.
    Attaching a fuzzy craft wire (like a pipestem cleaner) works well too.

    I use a cup warmer, sometimes leave it on. I bought a cheap bicycle flasher, turn it on, set it beside my cup warmer when its on. Don’t forget it now! I use that flasher for other reminders too, like a note left for another member of the family. Set both in the middle of the floor or hallway.
    …and you can set it semi-concealed in your car and it looks like an alarm system.

    Finding my car– I attach a 6″ bright yellow satin ribbon to the car antenna. It waves in the breezes, makes an active visual beacon.

    The coming thing is little bluetooth beacons that that can be attached to thinks you lose (like keys), interrogated by your bluetooth phone to help you locate it. Gives a beep, I think; haven’t tried it. Available from Chinese gadget places.

  8. Glow-in-the-dark tape works well, too. Available in a number of colors, but most common is the kind that appears white in full light, and glows green in the dark.

  9. The bad side is when the tape starts getting some age on it, it will make a sticky mess on your tools. When this happens, spray the area with WD40 to clean off the sticky gooey mess. I would use a paint instead. Good luck.

    • WD40 gets the goo off easily. Paint would be great except that usually when we realize we’re having a problem finding something, we’re in the middle of another project! Tape works quickly!

    • Understood. I’ve been in the same place many times. I spent a whole day marking my tools. There’s no perfect answer. The paint will fail as well in time.

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