Favorite Galley Apps

What are your favorite “galley” apps? Whether for your grocery list, meal planning, storing recipes, knowing where it’s all stowed or something else, please let others know what you like and use — or have tried and found useless — with a note in the comments.

Ones that I’ve heard people recommend:

  • Evernote for grocery lists
  • Remember the Milk for grocery lists – free (iTunes; Android)
  • Paprika — recipes, meal planning, grocery lists – $4.99 for phones, $19.99 for Windows and Mac

Have you tried any of these? Others? What did you think?

Looking for galley apps? Recipes, meal planning, shopping lists? Here's the tried and true list from readers of The Boat Galley!

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  • Belinda Bacon-Reinagel Wolfe
    Posted at 09 February 2015 Reply

    Grocery Gadget – for grocery list, drug store list, hardware list. You add groceries as needed but it sorts by category (dairy, canned, etc) when it’s time to shop. And it can be a shared app for others to contribute or shop from.

    • john
      Posted at 09 February 2015 Reply

      ummmm, last name Bacon

    • Scott D. Overbeck
      Posted at 13 February 2015 Reply

      I was going to say the same thing. Grocery Gadget is one that my wife and I have used for years. The fact that it is on the cloud makes it very functional for sharing between husband and wife, etc. No more forgetting the paper list!

  • Andrea Dollins
    Posted at 09 February 2015 Reply

    Out of Milk is my favorite, simple and does everything I need.

  • Mary E Dixon
    Posted at 09 February 2015 Reply


  • Terri Zorn
    Posted at 09 February 2015 Reply

    Allrecipes.com. I can browse thousands and recipe box the ones I like: it will also provide a shopping list from the recipes I choose to make. One stop everything for me. 🙂

  • Beth Tyler
    Posted at 09 February 2015 Reply

    OurGroceries … make your own lists from Store Names to Things To Do. works off one email so every family member sees the same list.

  • Rosemary Riegert Leone
    Posted at 09 February 2015 Reply

    I use the paprika app for storing recipes, menu planning and grocery shopping. Great app! I also use “what’s on my boat” app as an inventory app that includes food stores and galley equipment, as well as everything else we have on the boat. I can tell you instantly where everything is and what we have without having to open hold after hold hunting

  • Claire Ford
    Posted at 09 February 2015 Reply

    We use ‘paperless’ on our Smart phones. We’ve eliminated their lists and replaced with our own. I even have an Errands category, so I can remember all the places I need to go on any given day. The expanded version was $2.99, and it was well worth with it. We always have our phones nearby, but not pencil and paper. We go to the correct list such as Sam’s or Costco’s, use the microphone to speak the item, and it appears in the box. Just tap Save. We use the feature with a box beside each item, so we tap it, and it goes below as bought. I leave items on the list that get bought all the time—dog food, bread, etc. Never have to remember, “What was thing I needed to buy?”

  • Donna
    Posted at 09 February 2015 Reply

    “Shopper ” We create many different lists, including grocery, boat, reminder, etc, and then they can be shared with others. That way whenever anyone (who is shared) updates a list, all others receive the update. No duplication occurs that way, and when I am in the store, I send a text out to “update the list, I am Here”, and I receive all of the items that I didn’t know about, or forgot. It has been extremely useful and efficient.

  • Linsay Patterson
    Posted at 09 February 2015 Reply

    Key ring – Scan your membership cards into phone for future reference and also has a shareable shopping list.

  • Mike O'Quin s/v FatDash
    Posted at 09 February 2015 Reply

    We use Paprika for recipes. If you find one you like just go to that page using Paprika and import it into the app. Recipes are shared between both of our iPads. We copy the recipes from the back of the boxes, before we throw them away (cardboard, paper – bad), and that way we have them for later.

    We use Grocery Gadget for shopping, haven’t figured out how to use the automatic shopping list in Paprika. Again when one person puts something on the list it appears on the other device. We used to use the barcode scanning when we were living ashore but we don’t have any boxes or bags to scan now. It’s usually not that big of a list.

    • Marie Raney
      Posted at 14 December 2016 Reply

      I love paprika, too. I’ve moved all my boat recipes to it. The shopping list is great as well. Just bring up a recipe, then press the grocery cart at top of recipe page. You get a list of the ingredients and you can deselect the ones (like salt or pepper) that you don’t want to buy. Select “Add”. Do this with as many recipes as you want, then go to the shopping cart icon on the side menu and it brings up all the ingredients from all the recipes.

  • Sandy Collins
    Posted at 09 February 2015 Reply

    Paprika- once recipes are saved you don’t need the Internet to view them!!!

  • Sheryl Shard
    Posted at 09 February 2015 Reply

    Great idea for a post, Carolyn! I have been looking for a good recipe app and have been considering Paprika so it was nice to hear from Rosemary Riegert Leone that she like it. I have heard good things about Paprika from other cruisers too but will also check out the other apps recommended here. Thanks everyone! – Aboard S/V Distant Shores II in the British Virgin Islands.

  • CherylAnn Falconer
    Posted at 09 February 2015 Reply

    Evernote, works, recipies, lists, notes, photos inc. Accessible anytime with or without data. My husband & i share one account, so if we are apart we can both update our list & it is instantly viewable.

  • Katrina Harding/Evolution NT
    Posted at 09 February 2015 Reply

    Paprika is a gem!

    In preparation for cruising I have been downloading tons of recipes from the Internet whilst still on land. The apps intelligence automatically formats to fit within its recipe structure. You can alter servings to change the portions, add the recipe to the shopping list and presto there is a shopping list to stock the boat.
    Love the fact that it’s stored forever on the device without the need for Internet. A cookbook on the water without the weight!

  • Sherry Day
    Posted at 09 February 2015 Reply

    I love Pepperplate

  • Cathy Sauve
    Posted at 10 February 2015 Reply

    eStorage – best inventory app for your boat. Search by item, storage location, or category. Can hold multiple databases. We have boat inventory and home storage inventory in one app, just switch between databases.

  • Cathy Sauve
    Posted at 10 February 2015 Reply

    My Recipe Book, by Cross Forward Consulting. You can easily import recipes form various websites like AllRecipies.com or manually add your own. Create favourites, grocery lists, or Queue several recipes for an entire dinner, like Christmas.

  • Mary E Dixon
    Posted at 10 February 2015 Reply

    Been using simple grocery list for few months & happy with it. Free app. Like its sorting. When shopping & uncheck item it goes to bottom of checked items still sorted alpha & stays on list so when i need it again uncheck it & goes back in the top. Dif sorting options.

  • Kathy Haslam
    Posted at 10 February 2015 Reply

    I’ve been using Pepperplate but that Paprika app looks really good.

  • Michele Watson
    Posted at 10 February 2015 Reply

    I use EverNote for my recipes. Every recipe I use is easy to find on both my phone and my laptop, even when there is no internet access. The search feature and tags make it easy to find a recipe with ingredients that I have on hand. I also use EverNote for many other “notes” and records which eliminates the accumulation of different apps that do different things.

  • Claudia Dengler
    Posted at 10 February 2015 Reply

    paprika – as others have noted, great on line recipe collector that works off line.
    Mark Bittman – How to cook everything
    Shopping pro & errands for grocery & to do other lists
    Todoist for organizing To Do Lists

  • Corinne Dolci
    Posted at 10 February 2015 Reply

    I use a spreadsheet for keeping track of lists and stowage. Google Sheets is a great app that can be shared between many people.

    I’m going to download Paprika right now!

  • Belinda Wolfe
    Posted at 11 February 2015 Reply

    I also use and LOVE EverNote – I take pictures of all the boat cards I collect. EverNote can search for words in the pictures. ITS AMAZING! So, if I can only remember one person’s name, I search for their name. Every boat card with that name comes up. I only need to remember ONE thing – first name, last name, one word of the boat name, city, boat make – it will find it if that word is on the card. It’s great to have access to this info on your phone in case you see someone on shore you shoud know. I use EverNote for recipes also.

  • Terri
    Posted at 11 February 2015 Reply

    Paprika for recipes. I was coerced into paying the ‘big bucks’ for it by my adult son, who also has it—he wanted me to enter all the ‘old family recipes’ to share with him on Paprika. It turned out that I love it! I found it very user friendly. I also have it on my iPhone, so if I am in the grocery store and suddenly decide that I want to make a particular recipe, I can access the recipe on my phone in order to shop for the ingredients, and I don’t need a phone or WiFi signal to do that. It’s like have my recipe card file always with me! I also like that I can ‘share’ any recipe in an email, to anyone, they don’t have to be a Paprika user.

  • Erin
    Posted at 19 February 2015 Reply

    Great thread! I’m also looking for an app that allows a rotational menu, 4 day, 7 day, 10 day etc for boats… plus the recipe storage and grocery list… hoping Paprika can do this. Anybody know of any others? Thanks again!

  • Bev
    Posted at 23 February 2015 Reply

    We are big fans of Paprika. We use it for all of our recipes and also to plan our menus. It is one of my favorite apps. It also allows you to easily scale any recipe up or down. We use Anylist for grocery shopping. Paprika has a shopping feature but you are not able to customize the aisles. On Anylist we cN customize the name and order of the aisles to match our store.

    • Erin
      Posted at 25 February 2015 Reply

      The only thing I’m finding with Paprika is that I can’t do a rotational menu (say set menus for 4 day, 6 day, etc and then for it to make grocery lists from them…..)

  • Carol Portman
    Posted at 08 August 2017 Reply

    I like Recipe Keeper. It can transfer a recipe from most websites, create a meal plan daily, weekly, or monthly, create a shopping list, sync from all devices (but you need to buy app for each separate device), and your recipes are stored in the cloud for easy retrieval in case something goes wrong with your computer. One of my more useful apps.

  • Sherrin Scott
    Posted at 30 October 2017 Reply

    I use Chef Tap for all my recipes. CT will clip any recipe from a web site, so you don’t have to type it in. It will do shopping lists. The best thing for me is you don’t need internet to access your recipes. This is great when doing a crossing. The recipes are all in the cloud so you never loose them. I have over 500 recipes on CT..
    It’s a great app! If you have any problems they are very responsive.

  • Evan
    Posted at 31 October 2017 Reply

    Evernote has become awful due to their new subscription structure. For Mac, the free Notes app is great (you can port your Evernote files to this app if you want to dump Evernote). I use Big Oven, which is a recipe aggregator and can also produce shopping lists.

  • mhmoore
    Posted at 07 December 2017 Reply

    I use colornote on my phone, as I run out of something I add it to the list. I use a check list so I can ck stuff off in the grocery store. I have Evernote Premium and use it for all my recipes and articles, it is also on my phone. Colornote I mostly use for stuff I don’t need to keep. My shopping list is an add and delete thing but always there, I group the list by store. I also have a prices note so I don’t overpay somewhere, a bathrooms I like note ( face it a restroom with the paper dispenser near the floor just well….suks) these are easy to see I use different colors and name them ..1-food…2-things I like..3 where things are(examples) and if I find I want to keep something permanently I can do a screenshot on my phone and add to Evernote. I also use Speechnotes on my phone. You talk to it and it writes what you say. I always have my phone (I am deaf). so anything I can do in that area helps. If I am in store and want XX and I just think its not right, I’ll take a pic and say a note…later I can check to see what I need.

    I am a constant list maker,,my memory is not what it was and I find if I make it a habit to use something..usually (not always) I will

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