How to Eat a Mango

By Carolyn Shearlock © 2012 • all rights reserved

Okay, you’re going to laugh if you live somewhere that mangoes are common.  But I’m from the Midwestern US, and never saw a mango until I was 37.  We were on a camping trip in East Africa, and I had to ask our trip leader what she was eating!

Cruising in the Caribbean or Mexico and Central America, you’ll find mangoes everywhere — and now they’re often in local grocery stores here in Illinois.  If you’re like me, mangoes are a little perplexing to figure out how to cut and eat . . . but, oh, they’re SO good!

Don’t be intimidated — there’s an easy way to do it once you learn the “trick.”  I learned on that first day on the African trip, and then taught lots of our cruiser friends who also had never prepared a mango.  If you’re buying one for the first time, it should be a little firmer than a peach, but not rock hard.

In grocery stores in the US, you usually find red-skinned mangoes that look like the ones in the photo.  In other places, you might find yellow mangoes or even “green” mangoes that are fully ripe.  You can cut and eat them all the same way.

Two things to know about mangoes — they have a tough skin that you don’t want to eat, and they have a huge rock-hard pit inside with about an inch of yummy flesh surrounding it.

Now, DON’T cut your mango as in the picture!  That’s just to try to show the pit.  I’m guessing that a hacksaw is the only thing that could actually cut through the pit.  In that regard, it reminds of a peach pit.

But where you can slice a peach in two and then twist it apart and remove the pit (ditto for an avocado) it just won’t work with a mango.

So how do you cut a mango?  And how do you get it to look like the one on the right?

The easiest way is shown in the video below — and if you just want to eat it out of hand, don’t bother cutting it off the skin as she does — just eat the diced sections right off the peel, as our friend Gordon (Spirit) is doing in the photo at the top of this article.  It’s almost like eating corn on the cob.

Once you get the two big “cheeks” off and eaten (or cut off to use in a salad or other recipe), it’s easy to cut the remaining bits off the pit and then either eat them off the peel (as you would eat a slice of watermelon) or cut them up.

Oh, yeah — one more thing.  Eating a mango out of your hand is a juicy affair!  Don’t try to do it wearing “good” clothes or without a way to wash your hands — and maybe your chin — off.  But it’s SO worth it . . .

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  1. I used to be able to get mangoes really really cheap in The Phillipines, and I ended up routinely eating a couple pounds in a single sitting. I didn’t learn the dicing trick until quite a while after arriving. I originally just used a spoon and ate directly out of the skin, with very little mess or fuss. What was still messy was eating the fruit that was still on the pit, until someone showed me how to cut most of the fruit off that as well. Where normally you cut along the flat wide edge of the pit, if instead, you first cut along the thin edges of the pit, you’ll end up with 4 thinner slices, but very little left on the pit itself, meaning cleaner eating.

    P.S. I wouldn’t recommend getting in the habit of eating several pounds per sitting… I now get a mild allergic reaction when I eat mangoes making my face itch.

  2. The man in the back looks like Greg who had a North Sea 27 who we knew in Redwood City CA.

  3. Candy Ann Williams on Facebook says:

    You left out the best part of a mango….it’s putting it in a margarita…if you happen to be lucky enough to have a generator for your blender. (that is my favorite kind of margarita…you made me thirsty just looking at that beautiful sweet mango!). All joking aside that is a good video to share. Mangos are intimidating to novices. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Michelle Beatty on Facebook says:


  5. Had my first mango cruising in the Dominican Republic but I still do not know how to eat them easily

  6. Mango salsa is my favorite!!

  7. Mangoes can sometimes be purchased cut up in the street in NYC. Much healthier than a hot dog! For a new taste thrill, dress them with lime, salt and hot sauce! Or, if you have a very ripe mango, “massage” it until the pit is rotating freely, pop the top, and have a mango smoothie. It takes a while to get the feel of enough pressure to make a smoothie without breaking the skin.

  8. I’m drooling for a mango now. Lol

  9. Could you please post about stove top baking and retailers for the Omnia stove top oven?

  10. Nicki Reineck I’m on the road today and just on my phone but I’ll write a longer bit tomorrow. The good news is that I got an email this morning that TBG sponsor SeaDog Boating Solutions will be the new US importer/retailer for the Omnia. He’s out of stock right now, but has a new shipment coming.

  11. Nicki Reineck — as promised, I just posted an update on the Omnia and stove top baking:

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