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Gecko Grips are great for making a cutting board non-slip, and for using as a trivet.  But they have really saved the day for me as jar grips!
A couple years ago, I broke my right wrist.  Yeah, I’m right handed.  And while the bone has healed, I lost a lot of grip strength.  And I’m not too good with my left hand, either.

Silly as it sounds, one of my biggest problems is been opening jars.  Then I grabbed my Gecko Grip — and it has been so incredibly useful that I just have to write about it again (you can read my first article here, it’s mostly about using them as a nonslip pad and trivet).

Reader and cruiser-in-waiting Julie Lambert invented these while in culinary school.  They were originally designed to go under the ends of a cutting board to make it non-slip, and that’s one good use for them on a boat.  But they’re also great as a trivet (100% silicone, heat resistant to 500° F.) — in particular putting one under each end of large pans so they don’t tip as you serve from them.

And, as I mentioned before, they are great as jar grips.  They work way better than a damp towel or my old standby, my round silicone trivet.  (I do sometimes have to run the lid under hot water as well.)  I just leave one on the counter all the time so it’s easy to grab.  The funny thing is that I’ve noticed Dave using it as well . . . and one day I had to scrub oil off it from where he’d used it to get a better grip on an oil filter (it’s non-porous so it’s easy to wash pretty much anything off).

For those who have a set of Gecko Grips, I just wanted to remind you how well they work for gripping jars — the more purposes something has, the better, right?  And for those who don’t have a set, I really recommend them!

P.S. Dave has found them useful as a pseudo strap wrench, too!

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  1. I hate losing my grip.

  2. Yahoo! I need these already! Thanks Carolyn!

  3. I’m in the same ‘boat’ as you! Great tip!

  4. “can’t” ?

  5. We love ours! They’re also nice for eating in the cockpit, place one under a plate to keep it from diving off the combing.

  6. Great product for everyone! Get yours today!

  7. I keep two under the cutting board… It does not budge off the counter. Easy to grab them for opening jars, etc from there.

  8. I broke my hand about a year ago I am so looking these up!!!!

  9. Or, turn the jar upside down, and “spank” the bottom. Works with anything that isn’t too sticky (sauces and pickles are okay, jam and peanut butter aren’t). This breaks the seal and makes opening very easy

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