Don't injure yourself when the boat rolls! Yeah, drying siliverware can be a safety concern . . .

Draining Silverware

Do you use a silverware drainer on the boat? If so, a quick safety tip:

Put anything pointy or sharp in it with the point or sharp edge down.

Don't injure yourself when the boat rolls! Yeah, drying siliverware can be a safety concern . . .

Even on a catamaran, we’ve been “waked” a few times here in the mooring field and I’ve put out a hand to steady myself. Last night, I put my hand right into the drying silverware. If sharp knives or forks had been pointed up, I could have had a pretty sore hand . . . or worse.

On our previous boat, a monohull, I often just laid silverware on a towel to dry. I always made sure to lay it back from the edge of the counter where I was unlikely to put a hand.

It’s funny, I generally don’t injure myself when it’s rough out as I’m extra careful then. No, it’s when we’re in a generally calm anchorage or smooth sail and there’s been an unexpected wake that rocks the boat. I’ve learned to assume that one will come and place things accordingly.

And yes, sometimes I still forget.

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  • Jim Spiller
    Posted at 24 January 2015 Reply

    That’s why I always do this Sue Spiller !

  • Jayne Finn
    Posted at 17 April 2016 Reply

    A real up side to deep double sinks…one for washing the other for draining and drying. I have a stainless rack that sits down inside that keeps everything off the bottom. When we’re underway anything on stove or counter goes in there too…kettle, washing soap etc.

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