DISH Update

YAY! An update to our DISH nightmare and it appears that it is now over. A huge relief!

First, I received an email confirming that our service was, in fact, cancelled:

Dish cancelled

That was good. It didn’t solve the problem about getting the equipment back, but at least the account was cancelled and no more monthly charges were being accrued.

Then, after the previous post about all our problems in trying to cancel our DISH satellite TV service as part of selling our house to move onto our boat, I received an email from Jason Klipp, Manager – Customer Loyalty & Office of the President. He said that a link to my TBG post had been forwarded to him and he wanted to talk to me about what had happened.

We had a fairly long phone conversation where I reiterated both (1) that the hard sell on not cancelling my account or turning my equipment over to someone else was just very off-putting and left me with zero desire to ever use DISH again; and (2) that a system designed to not send a box until after the cancellation date just didn’t work when the reason for the cancellation was a move.

He said that the customer service rep should have overridden the system and had the box shipped sooner. I reiterated that I thought that the system should be changed so that the box is shipped so that it’s received before the cancellation date.

For anyone who is planning to cancel their service in connection with a move, I’d suggest that when you call to cancel the service, you request the box be sent immediately. Explain that you know it normally isn’t sent until after the last day of service and you want that overridden.

Jason also double-checked that the box had gone out to Dave’s brother (the next day, we talked to Keith and yes, he’d received it).

And, finally, Jason confirmed that we did not have to return the eye:

Dish eye

As we told Jason, we packed up the box and dropped it off at a UPS store . . . after taking a few photos of the inside of the box with the gear in it, with the obvious background of the UPS store and the label laying beside it. After reading some of the comments from other former DISH customers, I wanted as much proof as possible that we’d sent the equipment back . . .

Turns out there was no need for all that. Today I got this email:

Dish equip recd

Thus, it seems like this episode is closed as I have written proof of the account being closed, the eye not having to be returned and the receiver and remote being received.

I told Jason that I’d write a follow up telling of the resolution — it only seems fair given my post slamming their account cancellation process. From my discussion with Jason, I don’t think we’ll have any further problems, but I still think that DISH needs to really re-think the whole account cancellation process if they want customers who cancel to ever consider returning!

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  • Ruth Duncan
    Posted at 30 June 2015 Reply

    I wondered how this turned out. Things likely won’t change with DISH. Now can I let you lose on DTV? Glad this drama is over for you!

  • Lupari Sue
    Posted at 30 June 2015 Reply

    What a drama!

  • Stephanie Nunez
    Posted at 30 June 2015 Reply

    it’s laughable that they wanted the eye back. I switched from DISH Network to DIRECTV I still have two eyes in my yard they told me I could dig him up and thrown in the dump myself

    • The Boat Galley
      Posted at 02 July 2015 Reply

      The eye is actually that little thing facing the center of the satellite dish, not the whole dish.

    • Stephanie Nunez
      Posted at 02 July 2015 Reply

      I understand that. I was told that I own them now and could toss them for all they care. Then, months later, we got a box and a bill. Luckily, I’d done nothing with them.

    • The Boat Galley
      Posted at 02 July 2015 Reply

      Oh, wow. I’m hoping I don’t have a hassle about ours.

  • Stephanie Nunez
    Posted at 30 June 2015 Reply

    silly autocorrect you get the idea lol

  • Taunya
    Posted at 30 June 2015 Reply

    Honestly, it sounds like it was resolved because of the negative publicity you gave them. Most people don’t get a call from some corporate executive who goes through and ensures everything is being handled correctly from thereon out. Great for you, but still doesn’t speak well of the system overall.

  • John K
    Posted at 01 July 2015 Reply

    Looks like they treat their employees even worse than their customers:

  • Todd Hancock
    Posted at 02 July 2015 Reply

    …Really sad that someone from their top end needed to get involved to resolve this. That says a lot about how byzantine these companies are.
    …and now, let the call-a-day hounding to restart your service begin. Good luck with that!

  • Susie
    Posted at 02 July 2015 Reply

    They aren’t the only ones, we had similar problems trying to cancel our Sky account and return the box when we left the UK. Their customer service could only cope with the idea of taking the box to the next house…if there wasn’t another one they really didn’t know what to do! Took us several months to get a final correct bill.

  • Heather
    Posted at 02 July 2015 Reply

    So glad you finally are through with this terrible business Carolyn, what an ordeal! I’ll never use DISH, that’s for sure. I agree with Taunya, it does sound like they were worried about the negative publicity, not their bad service.

  • Susan Parker
    Posted at 02 July 2015 Reply

    We had the same experience with Dish 10+ years ago when we moved. It appears that they haven’t changed their methods and hard sell. We’ve been with DirecTV since that experience with no issues.

  • ken tobin
    Posted at 03 July 2015 Reply

    Several years ago I had a similar problem with another satellite tv service. rather than write a lengthy blog I’d just like to comment that I contacted my local Congressional representative, actually one of their aides, and they contacted the the company. I ended up receiving a full refund without have to debate the issue any longer with children who read canned answers from a corporate script after they caused the problem to begin with.

  • quixoticquest
    Posted at 11 July 2015 Reply

    These kinds of shenanigans are not unknown to the tech crowd either, with stories coming in at a fevered pitch during the comcast merger fiasco not too long ago. And as some readers may have alluded to, it seems that publicly shaming communications and media companies is the only way to get a response:

    I’m relieved to read that you took plenty of pictures and documented return of your equipment, because that too can be a larger nightmare when it becomes your word against theirs:

    Love the blog!

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