Dinghy to the Grocery Store

Unfortunately the resource that this linked to with a great list of places where you could easily dinghy to a grocery store became outdated and was taken down. I can’t find a list that’s still available.

Your best bet in any area is to get on the VHF and ask other cruisers. If provisioning by dinghy is new to you, check out my tips here.

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  • Debra Turner
    Posted at 17 May 2014 Reply

    This is great! We are headed up the East Coast (currently St. Augustine, FL) to the Chesapeake. Does anyone have similar for this trek?

  • The Boat Galley
    Posted at 17 May 2014 Reply

    Just got a request from another reader — anyone have a similar list for any portion of the ICW or Chesapeake?

  • Sally Conlee
    Posted at 17 May 2014 Reply

    Delightful couple we met in Marathon, thanks for posting this blog!

  • Lindsey
    Posted at 17 May 2014 Reply

    this is why at the top of my ‘must-have equipment on a boat’ list is a folding bicycle. With a bike, all we need is a good place to land, then grocery stores within 5 miles are easy access. You do have to be sure your dinghy is sized adequately for a bike, but with a folding bike that’s not too hard.
    One place I would add to this list is Bunche Beach, just south of Fort Myers I believe, there is a state park you can land the dinghy then walk to Publix about a mile or so inland. There is a huge tidal range though, we had to carry our dinghy back to the water about 500 feet.

  • Bill J
    Posted at 03 June 2014 Reply

    I’m in the process of modifying a golf hand cart (which folds up) to carry shopping bags, much easier to pull a laden cart than carry the bags, or fuel jugs.

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