Deodorant That Doesn’t Melt

Yeah. I’m actually talking about deodorant. On a boat. When it’s hot out.

Seems like a silly topic. Unless you’ve had this problem . . .

When we bought our first cruising boat 10+ years ago, one of our first “crisis moments” was discovering that our stick deodorant had melted in the Mexican summer heat. And it oozed out all over the shelf in the locker. Yuck! A mess to clean up and no deodorant to put on.

We’d moved aboard less than a day before and were already discovering there were issues with living aboard that we’d never even dreamed of.

The solution turned out to be pretty simple: instead of buying stick deodorant, we began using roll on. Since it’s designed to be a liquid, it’s not affected by the heat.

It’s stupid stuff like melting deodorant that makes the first year of cruising feel like a straight-up learning curve. It really does get easier!

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  • Dave Skolnick (S/V Auspicious)
    Posted at 15 July 2015 Reply

    Agreed. This also applies to many sorts of women’s make-up as well. Many medications are also a problem in heat.

    The outboard lockers found in many heads are part of the problem as the interior of the locker can be very much warmer than the inside of the boat.

  • Dave Skolnick
    Posted at 15 July 2015 Reply

    Agreed. This also applies to many sorts of women’s make-up as well. Many medications are also a problem in heat.

    The outboard lockers found in many heads are part of the problem as the interior of the locker can be very much warmer than the inside of the boat.

  • Lynn Brownlow
    Posted at 15 July 2015 Reply

    Thanks for that advice, never would have even thought about that!

  • brad
    Posted at 17 July 2015 Reply

    Commercial deodorants are toxic. The aluminum in most is one of the primary sources of alzheimers caused by aluminum toxicity – when combined with fluoride (you likely have that in your toothpaste because you are lied to about it’s “benefits”) it crosses the blood/brain barrier very easily.

    Personally, i use a little zinc oxide ointment. It is kind of a pain in that the end of your finger gets messy (oooh) but it only needs to be put on (for me) about once every two weeks to keep the bacteria count down in the “pits”. At the worst – winter with the colder, stinky sweats – it lasts a bit over a week.

  • Paul Schroder
    Posted at 21 July 2015 Reply

    I like to use an alum crystal. It is a hard mineral that is totally scent free and is a very effective deodorant. You can buy them from Amazon in the shaving product area. They are NOT an anti-persperant though. I started using these for hunting because of the scent free benefit but found it convenient for year round use on the boat.

    • brad
      Posted at 21 July 2015 Reply

      Aluminum is toxic. When it combines with fluoride – toothpaste, water, teflon, etc – the aluminum is turned into a slightly different form (fluoride is reactive with so many minerals, etc)
      The aluminum in the brain is known to damage ganglions and seems related to the development of Alzheimers. Personally, i think it wise to avoid aluminum. When it is used in most (damned and stupid) vaccines, the aluminum itself causes the most intense inflammation of the shots – not the pathogens, or other poisons included. Not the aborted fetal stem cells changed by GMO rDNA manipulation, not the MSG, not the many other poisons included in the shots. It is the aluminum that causes most inflammation.
      Here’s a link mainly concerned with brain issues caused by aluminum toxicity.

      For most people, their coffee heating element is the #1 cause of aluminum absorption, and deodorants are #2. Thankfully i found myself breaking out from aluminum based deodorants as a teenager and needed a sane alternative.

      Take care of yourself.

  • Don
    Posted at 21 July 2015 Reply

    A direct quote from the Alzheimer’s Association…
    “During the 1960s and 1970s, aluminum emerged as a possible suspect in Alzheimer’s. This suspicion led to concern about exposure to aluminum through everyday sources such as pots and pans, beverage cans, antacids and antiperspirants. Since then, studies have failed to confirm any role for aluminum in causing Alzheimer’s. Experts today focus on other areas of research, and few believe that everyday sources of aluminum pose any threat.”

    Another interesting quote, considering the suggestion to use zinc oxide…
    “Zinc has been implicated in Alzheimer’s disease… a recent study suggests that too much zinc might be the problem. In this laboratory experiment, zinc caused beta amyloid from cerebrospinal fluid — the fluid that bathes the brain — to form clumps similar to the plaques of Alzheimer’s disease.”

    So maybe smearing zinc on yourself is even worse than using an aluminum-based deodorant. Or maybe not. The real moral of the story is that you should not over-react to reports on initial findings.

    • brad
      Posted at 23 July 2015 Reply

      Well, aluminum is so much more heavily ingested that it has become more biochemically overwhelming. All those planes spraying “Geoengineering” aerosols in the sky? (don’t deny that, you’d look more stupid than you could possibly be, lol. Over 35,000 patents since at LEAST 1946 – that one for a nozzle/system to spray “aluminum oxide particles through jet engine exhaust”.
      Most of the haze today IS aluminum oxide – coal fly ash – which averages about 65% aluminum oxide…..

      Zinc is necessary for the immune system to function. Amyloid beta plaques? Not near cutting edge. Some cutting edge research indicates that the plaques are more a symptom and attempt to (inadequately) repair the brain when an idiot MD tells people to take statins or otherwise lower the cholesterol which the brain MUST have to be healthy. About 7% of our body weight, our brains contain about 65% of our cholesterol – the rest going to antioxidant functioning, the LDL in your skin part of the process of making vitamin D3, and most of the rest turning into hormones, etc. No cholesterol, you get alzheimers and quickly die from multiple cascades of negative deprivation.

      People are literally reversing Alzheimers with a ketogenic diet – eliminate carbohydrates – grains and sugars – and take in medium chain triglycerides like GOOD (and sustainable) coconut oil and red palm oil. Getting good GRASS FED organically (like) grown NON FEEDLOT/CAFO animal fats. It repairs synapses and mylin sheathing. There are substances that are neurophilic that restore various degrees of nerve damage. With real science – not that corporate pushed, sales agenda like when they started killing everyone by pushing hydrogenated fats and restricting saturated fats. (magically, society got fatter and had huge heart issue increases right then….)

  • Robert B. Westerfield
    Posted at 22 June 2016 Reply

    Very cool

  • Sailing Wind Spirit
    Posted at 22 June 2016 Reply

    I saw this on your blog before we left Portland. We are in Florida doing a refit before we head to the Bahamas soon. Our boat has been up to 100 degrees, with air conditioning and I was glad I followed your advice. It works well, too!

  • Paul Daniela Herlihy
    Posted at 22 June 2016 Reply

    Very interesting… I don’t have a problem with stick deodorant but do have a problem with shampoo/conditioner pump bottles. I leave the cap unscrewed in order for them not to explode. I found it interesting roll on/liquid deodorant does not explode from high heat pressurization. Thank you for all your post, been finding them useful.

  • Carolyn Brown Fuller
    Posted at 22 June 2016 Reply

    Gel deodorant doesn’t melt either.

  • Rebecca Hammond Vaughan
    Posted at 22 June 2016 Reply

    Never had this problem with stick deodorant, even having left several on a boat on the hard in PR over the summer months?

  • Red Canoe
    Posted at 22 June 2016 Reply

    crystal deodorant!

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