Cruiser’s Nutcracker

By Carolyn Shearlock © 2013 • all rights reserved

Whether it's cracking nuts or crab claws, you probably already have a good tool aboard!

Nuts in the shell are a holiday tradition in my family.  From Thanksgiving on, there would always be a big bowl sitting out, along with a selection of nutcrackers and picks.  Not the big fancy decorative nutcrackers, but functional ones like these which are actually marketed as nut and seafood crackers.

They were one of the items that were sold when we moved onto Que Tal for full-time cruising.

And when we wanted to crack nuts or seafood?  Simple — we grabbed the pliers and washed them well.  I discovered that they actually work a lot better, with longer handles for better leverage.  And since the handles are curved, they’re a lot more comfortable to use, too.

Over the years, a number of my kitchen tools were snared for boat projects — my favorite salad bowl that became the oil change catch basin because it was just the right size to fit under the drain plug and hold all the oil, my turkey baster to serve as a funnel for transmission fluid, many plastic lids to mix epoxy on are just a few.

I think it’s only fair to take something from the tool box and use it in the galley!

Want more ideas on making do with what you have instead of finding a place for more “stuff” in the galley?  Here are eight more.

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  1. The only thing better for cracking nuts and lobsters also comes from the tool box — a ViseGrip. You can set it to just the right size for big or small nuts … or crab legs. They crack but don’t mush into tiny pieces. (I think they even are made in stainless.)

  2. i would love to see faces of guests if we served with our rusty tools…haha

  3. C-clamp works to

  4. Vice grips are even better. They can be adjusted so you will never mash down too far.

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