Cleaning Luci Up

By Carolyn Shearlock © 2015 • all rights reserved

Cleaning our Luci Lights wasn't quite as simple as I thought it'd be. But one of my "old reliable" cleaners did a fine job!

Got a Luci Light?

We love ours! We have two, one in th cockpit and one as our dinghy light. We also used one as a work light for some projects inside the boat.

After a year of use, they’re still going strong but were in definite need of a cleaning. In the photo above, the light on the right hasn’t been cleaned yet; the one on the left has).

I figured this would be simple with a rag and a bit of dish soap. Unfortunately, that did nothing to remove the salt and water stains.

After trying a few other things, I hit on what did work, very easily: Krud Kutter. It took that gunk off in just no time.

Once clean, I wrote our boat name on both lights. That way, if the hanging strap should break in a storm some night, there’s a chance we might get it back if someone finds it.

Cleaning our Luci Lights wasn't quite as simple as I thought it'd be. But one of my "old reliable" cleaners did a fine job!

If you’re not familiar with Luci Lights, you can read more here, and read more about Krud Kutter here. You can buy Luci lights on Amazon and at West Marine.

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  1. Deb Perfitt says:

    One of my lights hasn’t recharged have you found where the battery can be replaced? It’s only one season old!!

  2. I love the image of your Luci skittering across the harbor on a dark and stormy night ;-)) I think you have found a new boaters game: Luci races. Dress them up with little sails and keels, oh just think of the possibilities.

    • And there are lots of good songs to have playing . . . “You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me Lucille” seems especially appropriate. Of course, if it gets picked up by an updraft you might want “Lucy (Luci) in the Sky with Diamonds”

  3. So excited to know about Krud Kutter, seems everything that really works is harmful to our sea. And thanks to your original Luci lights post we really enjoy ours

  4. sami bolton says:

    Have been using Krud Kutter for about 8 years now and love it. I have not found one thing that it does not help me clean.

  5. Nice to know. We love our Luci Light and want to keep it clean.

  6. I didn’t know about Luci Lights. Ordering some now…& now I know how to clean them! 🙂

  7. Speaking of Luci lights, we just got ours delivered and there was a small hole in one of them so it won’t remain inflated. REI reimbursed us so that is not the point, but we are in Mexico so replacing it is not that easy. And I hate to throw away an otherwise good light. Any ideas on how to patch the plastic? We tried super glue but that just dripped through the hole, and tape didn’t stick.

  8. Those lights are fantastic!

  9. I love my luci light, got one thanks to Carolyn, had it two camping seasons now, works great!

  10. Love our Lucis!

  11. Ours won’t keep a charge.

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