Catsup & Mayo Pouches

By Carolyn Shearlock © 2013 • all rights reserved

A provisioning find for a boat! Easy to store.

Another provisioning find:  catsup in pouches!  In Mexico, we also found mayonnaise in similar pouches.

Why are the pouches so good on a boat?

  • You can store them just about anywhere as they’re smaller than regular containers and also kind of “squishable.”  It’s easy to fit them around other things — I found that they actually helped keep other items from clanking.
  • The smaller size (this one holds 1-1/4 cups) means that you use them up fairly quickly.  I never refrigerate condiments (read more), so prefer smaller containers.
  • If you’re careful not to put the spout right up against food, there’s no contamination issue and very little air comes in contact with the contents.
  • Nice tight screw cap means less chance for a big mess in the locker than the flip-top lids on so many regular containers.
  • Less trash!  The pouch is so much smaller than any plastic bottle.

Here in the US, I haven’t seen the pouches in any store until yesterday.  This was right next to all the other catsup on the shelf.  Hopefully mayo won’t be far behind . . . but if you’re in Mexico, look for that too!

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  1. Jodi Ursu on Facebook says:

    I would like this even if I wasn’t on a boat. Less wasteful packaging for areas where recycling may be an issue!!

  2. Yes, I was them when I was in Panama. Didn’t understand why they don’t have them in the States all over the place.

  3. Jackie Bartz says:

    We love them!!! One can get those condiments as well as refried beans in them in Guatemala. I think we saw the beans in Cancun too.
    And one can get almost every “drop” out of the pouches too. Hardly any waste.

  4. Diane Rizzo on Facebook says:

    love it…now you can squeeze to the last drop!!! lol

  5. Janice Fleischmann says:

    At Walmart in Florida I found refried beans in pouches and they were great, right amount and less waste.

  6. Debra Turner on Facebook says:

    Yes!! In Roatan last month!! Why don’t they sell them everywhere?!?

  7. Yes, in Venezuela and Colombia.

  8. Janice Sterling on Facebook says:

    found the ketchup in Walmart in Florida

  9. Interesting. Are the strong enough not to burst if something heavy falls on them?

    • Well, everything will burst at some point, but I’ve never had one break. I’ve fit them between a lot of cans and they haven’t had a problem when everything jostles. Can’t say that I’ve ever had cans fall on one from more than maybe a foot though (no prob with the can falling from that height). The bags are pretty tough!

  10. Farm Fresh supermarket sells the ketchup but havt been able to find the boatable mayo

  11. I purchased the Ketchup at Big Lots a few months ago for 60 cents. Need to look for the mayo

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