Boxed Whipping Cream

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Keep some on hand

Oh my!  Whipping cream that doesn’t need to be refrigerated until it’s opened??  Does it really exist??

Yep.  I love boxed milk and Media Crema for use on a boat.  Even if you’ve got refrigeration, it’s nice not to have to keep stuff cold until you open it . . . and you can store them for 6 months or longer unopened.

BUT — while I could sometimes find cream in a box (Media Crema is more like half-and-half), it wouldn’t whip.  It was great for recipes or coffee, but I couldn’t make a topping with it.

A few days ago, I was in a Trader Joe’s . . . and found boxed whipping cream.  And yes, it does whip (the box suggests chilling it for 6 hours before whipping and that’s what I did).  It’s just $1.29 for an 8-ounce (1 cup) box — or at least that’s the price in St. Louis; it’s probably more on either coast.

Now, you can whip it with a whisk but frankly it’s hard. I had a manual egg beater on Que Tal (like the photo at right) — it’s a great non-electric solution for lots of foods.  If you’re willing to use a bit of electricty, an immersion blender is perfect.

Once you’ve opened the box, or made it into whipped cream, it does have to be refrigerated.

Since finding it in Trader Joe’s, I’ve looked for boxed whipping cream online and only found the Trader Joe’s, which is available on Amazon although at a steep markup.  I asked friends in Mexico if they’ve ever seen it, since the boxed milk and cream are very popular there, and none have seen it.  So I guess it’s a Trader Joe’s exclusive.

So if you think it would be nice to occasionally have some whipped cream on board and are near a Trader Joe’s, you might want to pick up a few boxes.  They’ll last at least six months!

And if anyone has seen boxed whipping cream (not just regular cream) anywhere else, please leave a note in the comments.

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  1. I used to pick up something called Dream Whip in our local Grocery store. It seems to be roughly the same idea as the Trader Joe kind. I have not looked for it in years so not sure if its still on the shelves. It was good to keep on the shelf for last minute kitchen emergencies! Might have to see if its still around. Love reading your articles, and hope one day to live the floating life. Right now our dream is small, a 21 ft Aquarius… but we love every cramped inch of her!!

  2. You can also add some confectioner’s suger to Media Crema, mix it up well and chill…it’s not “real stiff”, but makes a delish topping for fruit or whatever…just like you would use Cool Whip! I THINK I added about a Tbsp to one can of Media Crema – but of course let your taste buds be your guide…start with a little and add more until you get the sweetness you desire!

  3. OMG!! I have been able to find Dream Whip for years!!! I walked into Winn Dixie today to get some things for tomorrow nights marina bash and voila! There it was on the shelf!! So my galley now has a couple of boxes of Dream Whip. Since I, of course (!), forgot an item, I’ll probably get a couple more boxes tomorrow since I have to go back! Want me to send you some Carolyn???

  4. I have used Dream Whip in the past and it is a powder that you add milk and vanilla to and whip it up. they still have it on the shelves in Canada (Superstore).

  5. Stephanie Kershaw-Marsh says:

    For cruisers in Europe, uht whipping cream is easily found in stores like Lidl and Carrefour

  6. Widely available in France and French Caribbean islands; perfect to have on hand for an emergency key lime pie!

  7. Yes we can get it in Aus too… not that beand but the idea is the same.

  8. It is my FAVORITE on the boat! I tell everyone about how great these are to have on hand. :)))

  9. I was visiting my daughter in Charlotte, NC and found this little blue box on the shelves there! Love it!!!

  10. Michael R Miller, another reason to stock up at Trader Joe’s.

  11. I’m thinking a secluded anchorage, a scenic sunset, a glass of fine wine and a bowl of fresh-picked wild berries topped with whipped cream.

  12. I love this. I which it came in bigger containers. I can only find 1/2 pints.

  13. Found an Anchor brand noxed Chrf’s cream uht npn-refridgerated cream, already reduced 40% stuff in St. Thomas USVI buut have never seen it elsewhere. Really good for soups and other cooking! Tefridg only after opening.Fabulous!

    Have found other already reduced creams thatust be kept in a fridge even before opening but haven’t tried as limited cold box space. Oh well…

  14. For your milk-intolerant husband I strongly recommend Trader Joe’s coconut cream (in the brown and white can). If you get that really cold at the back of the fridge it will whip up just like whipped cream. Add a bit of honey,agave or sugar and viola!

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