Bimbo Bread Stays Fresh Forever

My first experience with Bimbo bread came when we began cruising in Mexico.  In every grocery store — and tiny tienda — it was the predominant brand of bread.  So I bought it.

And I learned that Bimbo must have been created especially for cruisers.  It just doesn’t get moldy.  I’ve kept loaves for three and four weeks — just in a gear hammock — before opening them.  Even opened, I’ve rarely had any mold.  And we were in some pretty hot climates — Sea of Cortez in the summer, El Salvador in the rainy season.

Pretty much every cruiser I know in Mexico and Central America used Bimbo bread, despite all of us making jokes about what might be in it.

And about a year ago, I heard that friends were finding Bimbo in Florida . . . and it kept just as well as they remembered from Mexico.  I meant to write a post about it for the readers who are in Florida, but sort of forgot to.  Oops.

Then, about a week ago, I was in a grocery store that I don’t often shop in and it carried Bimbo.  Okay, if Bimbo has made it to farm towns in Illinois, it must be pretty mainstream in the US now.

As store-bought bread goes, Bimbo seems to be pretty much on a par with other mass-market brands.  There’s white and whole wheat.  The taste is pretty much like any other sandwich bread.  It just lasts a lot longer, making it great if you’re going to be away from stores for a while.

BimboAnd sometimes, they have cool premiums, like when they gave away models of a couple dozen different Bimbo trucks — cruisers kept collections and it turned out that this one was fairly rare (the one of a Bimbo semi was the rarest).  It was the middle of summer when only a couple dozen boats are actively cruising the Sea of Cortez, and people would actually report on the radio net the new models they’d found.  Okay, there wasn’t a lot else going on.

So, has Bimbo made it to your store?

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  • Ben Eriksen
    Posted at 10 July 2013 Reply

    The bread may last a long time, but you will not if you eat it.

    • First Last
      Posted at 15 August 2014 Reply

      Yes Ben, as well as the varied “carton” milk here in MX. I am a former cruiser, living in MX. My first thought is, there has to be plenty of preservatives to keep that mold at bay.

  • Matthew Manninen on Facebook
    Posted at 10 July 2013 Reply

    Food that is BAD for you!!!

  • Gil Lhotka
    Posted at 10 July 2013 Reply

    Bimbo has exoanded in the US buying smaller refional brands. In Texas they boight Mrs. Bairds. I will get some and see if it also lasts as long. Wondering if it is the same recipe everywhere?

    • Carolyn Shearlock
      Posted at 10 July 2013 Reply

      Yes, they’ve bought lots of smaller brands. The ones labelled as “Bimbo” and NOT also labelled with another brand are the ones that last longer — they seem to be the same recipe as the Bimbo breads found in Mexico and Central America.

  • Edd rauch
    Posted at 10 July 2013 Reply

    I know they are they are in the San Francisco Bay area. I haven’t seen it on a local shelf but I see their trucks from time to time on the freeway. I guess I will have to follow the next one I see. Also I have found very good luck in breads from places like The Grocery Outlet who seem to buy like surplus stock as their main trade, and the Dollar Store Which does the same thing. I think they purposely carry brands with a long shelf life for the smaller turn over verses the supermarkets that pride themselves on the “Made fresh daily” thing.

  • Peggy
    Posted at 11 July 2013 Reply

    Bimbo is in Pensacola/Gulf Breeze stores… Walmart carries it here, so I bet it is everywhere now! We bake our own bread at home, but it doesn’t stay fresh on the boat… so Bimbo goes sailing with us.

  • Candy Kiesel / St. Somewhere
    Posted at 03 December 2013 Reply

    We just got back to our boat in Marathon, and I went to the local Publix last night. I saw a loaf of bread that had a sticker on the end of the bag that said baked by Bimbo in USA I was wondering if anyone has tried this and if it lasts as long as the original. Thanks!

  • Susie H
    Posted at 27 February 2014 Reply

    Bimbo Thins are great for long trips – ready sliced through flats of bread 8 to a pack, keep for ever (well beyond the use by date) and quite tasty. Popular with the whole crew on our recent transatlantic.

  • The Sea and Sailors
    Posted at 08 May 2014 Reply

    Bimbo bread? Ha ha 😉

  • Leigh Ann Bishop Long
    Posted at 09 May 2014 Reply

    What chemical makes it last forever? Pass.

    • Adam
      Posted at 25 April 2016 Reply

      Leigh, EVERYTHING is made of “chemicals” . . . Including your body. Everything you can see, everything you eat & drink are all chemicals ( yes, even water). Just because you can’t pronounce it doesn’t make it bad.

  • Roland Falkenstein
    Posted at 09 May 2014 Reply

    No baked good should last forever – sorry!

  • Taunya
    Posted at 15 August 2015 Reply

    I don’t know if you’re able to find this outside the Pac NW, but Dave’s Killer bread is organic, and filled with lots of nuts and whole grains – but for whatever reason, it does not mold. Now, I haven’t tried it in the tropics, but even in our hot summers here, I have left it out for weeks and no mildew. I can’t find anything in the ingredients to account for it not molding, but a google search showed I’m not the only one who’s noticed this. Here in Oregon, we can get it at Costco.

  • Vivienne
    Posted at 09 March 2017 Reply

    Bimbo bread has been around in Spain, Europe since the 1970s

  • Victor Diabo
    Posted at 11 March 2017 Reply

    Up here in Quebec we get a bread that is made with potatoes and it tastes the same as regular bread. The only thing different is that it seems to last a very long time without getting moldy or stale. It also seems to be soft and fresh even after one whole week. So far the longest we ever had a left over loaf was two weeks and it was still very good. I hope this was helpful.

  • Maryann Tillson
    Posted at 10 August 2017 Reply

    It’s at the Kroger in Galveston, Texas. Thought about buying it a couple times, but always opted for my regular brand. What the heck, I’ll give it a try!

  • Jeremy
    Posted at 10 August 2017 Reply

    Bimbo is the company that bought Hostess, and saved the twinkie from disappearing forever. Maybe that’s why their bread lasts forever.

  • Lynn Sterud
    Posted at 11 August 2017 Reply

    The preservative listed in the ingredients of Bimbo Bread is calcium proprionate. This has been studied extensively and has been found to be safe.

  • Susan Parker
    Posted at 13 August 2017 Reply

    We found that Arnold Potato Bread last a long, long time. We’ve used it for years and are still alive!

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