Bay Leaves in Flour

It’s an old cruiser trick to put a couple of bay leaves in flour, cereals, box mixes and other foods made from grain to keep weevils out. All you need is a couple in every container. For box mixes, I take the inner pouch out and put it in a Ziploc with a bay leaf or two.

For flour, I’d do the same with “stored” bags of flour and then put a couple of bay leaves into my canister for the “in use” stock.

Putting a bay leaf in canisters of flour is great for keeping bugs out, but what about keeping the bay leaf out of your baking? Here's a simple trick to solve that problem!

The only problem was that when I went to use the flour from the canister, I had to try to find the bay leaves before I accidentally put them into whatever I was mixing. More than once I’d find part of a bay leaf as I mixed cookie dough or bread. And then I’d be trying to fish it all out.

A better way finally hit me. I always leave a measuring scoop in the canister. Why not just put the bay leaves in the scoop? That way, they’re easy to remove before I measure out flour for my recipe.

I’ve been doing this for several months now and it seems to be just as effective as when I was sticking the bay leaves into the flour.

Talk about a simple solution!

Putting a bay leaf in flour is great for keeping bugs out, but what about keeping the bay leaf out of your baking? Here's a simple solution!

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  • Barbara
    Posted at 18 June 2016 Reply

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