Back-to-School Sales

As I’ve been in several stores over the past week – and watching TV – I’m struck by the number of things offered in “Back to School” sales that are great boat products. I’d always thought of “back-to-school” as crayons, pencils and new clothes, but more and more marketing is being done towards kids heading off to college and setting up their dorm rooms or apartments.

No, you’re not going to find a new anchor or sails, but there are lots of household goods being pitched. And if you’ve got a new-to-you (or just new) boat, you can find good deals on all sorts of things.

Items I’ve seen on sale in the past week:

  • Sterilite bins and other organization supplies (tons of these for college students)
  • Lock & Lock containers
  • Mattress toppers (great on less-than-ideal boat mattresses; can really improve a mattress at a fraction of the cost of a new one)
  • Pillows and bedding – sheets, quilts, blankets
  • Throw pillows – particularly look for the outdoor ones on end-of-season sales
  • Cooking implements – not necessarily pans but lots of cooking implements
  • Grilling tools

Be sure to check quality of items and that they’re suitable for boat life: sturdy, cleanable, latching lids, washable fabrics and so on.

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  • Charity Gavaza
    Posted at 31 July 2014 Reply

    And in virginia you can buy it tax free this weekend.

  • PugetSoundCruiser
    Posted at 12 September 2015 Reply

    Thanks for the reminder. It’s really true – I have found amazing items for boat organizing at Walmart in the Back To School displays! My favorites are the hinged-lid plastic boxes that latch. We got several flat/square ones with different color latches so we could tell them apart and know what’s inside. I also found what looks like a giant pencil box (will hold a 12″ ruler, etc) with a hinged and latching lid, for $2. Until I can afford some proper blade-safe sheaths for the galley knives, I keep them all in that box. It tucks away vertically into its own spot and doesn’t take up drawer space. Also found a “dorm size” contour pillow that is smaller than a standard and fits perfectly on the boat. Back-To-School sales are definitely worth the time to check out.

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