A Life Preserver for Your Phone

Yesterday morning I posted about my Seidio Obex waterproof case for my Galaxy phone. I liked it. And then I discovered a feature about it that makes me like it 10 times more!

It has a lanyard hole.

The lanyard hole isn’t mentioned anywhere in the product description and I don’t even find a review that mentions it, but it’s there. On the lower left-hand corner as you’re looking at the phone in the case.

The discovery of a lanyard hole on my Seidio Obex waterproof case for my phone makes it really easy to add a float to it!

I can’t say for 100% certain that every model of Seidio Obex case has a lanyard hole — the photos of the other cases that I’ve looked at  just don’t show that area and the Seidio website doesn’t say. (FYI: LifeProof says their cases do NOT have a lanyard hole, so I know you’re out of luck there; however, they do make a “Life Jacket” for their iPhone cases but not the Galaxy cases.)

What’s great about having a lanyard hole is that with it, it’s very easy (and inexpensive, especially compared to LifeProof’s Life Jacket) to add a float strap. I had purchased a float strap for my underwater camera, then decided that I preferred to just use a long neck strap for it when snorkeling. I dug it back out and attached it to the phone case.

The discovery of a lanyard hole on my Seidio Obex waterproof case for my phone makes it really easy to add a float to it!

That little quick release on the strap is great, too — I can take the float off to put the phone in my pocket or purse, then clip it back on quickly when back on the boat.

Okay, I know my camera is heavier than the phone. Nonetheless, just to have the photo for this post, I dropped the phone and floatie in the lake just to prove that it would float the phone.  I’m not totally nuts though. Since the water is about 10 feet deep here — and the case is waterproof to six feet — I did hook the dog’s leash onto it just in case the float test didn’t go well. But the leash is slack (you can see it dipping down into the water) and the floatie is easily keeping the phone afloat. (Yes, the water visibility is horrible.)

The discovery of a lanyard hole on my Seidio Obex waterproof case for my phone makes it really easy to add a float to it!

Even if you don’t want to make your phone float, that lanyard hole is useful. Going somewhere with big crowds (and possible pickpockets) or where you’re afraid your phone might slip out of your pocket? Use a lanyard with a quick release clip (for when you want to use the phone) and loop the lanyard around your belt, belt loop, purse strap or another secure place. All the detachable (quick release) straps that I could find are “neck straps” which provide a bit of extra “leash” to take the phone out of your pocket to unclip it.

The lanyard hole is pretty small, so any float strap or other strap/lanyard that you use has to have the very thin “thread” loop that goes through it.

There are tons of float straps made for Olympus cameras. The bright red and yellow ones have the best visibility should you drop the phone and have to look for it on the water. Links to float straps and other lanyards that will work on Amazon — click on the links below to see them:

I had previously thought that the one advantage LifeProof cases had over the Seidio Obex was the possibility that someday they’d make a Life Jacket for the Galaxy phones. I like this solution even better — especially as it costs about $30 less!

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  • Mimi Laser
    Posted at 03 July 2016 Reply

    We have a ugo case. Threw it from the dinghy to the boat, a surprise test, it floated and is truly waterproof. Found it at the palm beach boat show.

  • Tony Gariepy
    Posted at 03 July 2016 Reply

    excellent idea!!!

  • Mark Sierakowski
    Posted at 04 July 2016 Reply

    Great idea. My lifeproof cases on my iPhone and iPad do have lanyard holes. Lifeproof even give you a lanyard for each. The life jackets are cheep if you get almost new on eBay. They are so big that people sell them off. My friends laugh at my life jackets, but that’s ok. They are BIG.

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