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WOW!  Jan and I spent a lot of time writing The Boat Galley Cookbook, wanting to make it everything we wanted in a cookbook.  But we never dreamed we’d get reviews like these!

The Boat Galley Cookbook answers almost every question I have ever been asked about cooking afloat. Small galley or large galley,you’ll find loads of good ideas and interesting recipes to make life afloat easier and tastier too.

Lin Pardey, voyager and author

Cooking on a boat is different, and not just because your kitchen won’t stay still. You also have to contend with a lot less space and water, unusual or absent ingredients, limited cooking equipment, and a lack of conveniences from Mr. Coffee to Cuisinart. Shearlock and Irons share everything you need to know to make great meals in a cramped galley and to have fun doing it. Their recipes cover the gamut from nibbles to accompany cocktails in the cockpit to one-pot meals to keep the crew going in a gale. But their advice goes well beyond recipes to include setting up the galley, equipment suggestions, storage ideas, and tips for cooking at sea. If you’re getting ready to trade your kitchen for a galley, you’ll want to take The Boat Galley Cookbook along.

Beth Leonard, author of The Voyager’s Handbook and Blue Horizons

Comments left on Facebook:

I just got my cookbook, Wow, If you haven’t ordered yours, your missing out on a great cruising book. This has got to be the best cruising cookbook ever. I can’t believe how much information there is in this book. I’m really impressed with it. Get your’s.

– Michael

Got my book today!! LOVE IT! I have spent the entire evening pouring over it! Can’t wait to put it into practice. Thanks for all you hard work in putting it together!

– Janice

Got my book today. I particularly like the Equipping a Galley and Provisioning sections as well as all the great recipes. Congrats on a job well done!

– Scott

And some others:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book!!!

Leslie, on Pinterest

I love it!

Jean, organizer of Cruisers Rally to El Salvador

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