Tree Frog Pads — better sticky pads!

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Even holds upside-down

A while back, I wrote about using sticky pads to secure all sorts of stuff from sliding off counters, the nav station, the table and so on.  Then, in April, Debra Trottier aboard Star Light left a comment about an even better sticky pad called Tree Frog Pads.

Well, one thing led to another and pretty soon Mark Mahoney, the owner of the company, contacted me and offered to send some samples for me to try out.

Debra was right — these are even better sticky pads.  I put one on a clipboard so that I could play with the angle and was astounded that my phone stayed stuck even upside-down (see the photo at the top of the article).  I put that piece of ribbon there so you could see that yes, I really was holding it upside down!  The Tree Frog Pads are way better than the other sticky pads — and while they cost a bit more than the others, they’re still not terribly expensive.

Debra’s note pretty well says it all:  “They are more expensive than the regular sticky pads but have an extremely powerful grip. They also can be cut to size and have held wonderfully well even when we’ve been in stormy seas. A friend of mine used them on a passage to Hawaii from San Diego and said they were a life saver in the galley to hold plates, knives etc. from flying.”

I did a bunch of testing with “galley stuff” — and sure enough, knives and pans just didn’t slide at any sort of a “normal angle.”  Actually, that angle in the photo is almost a total knockdown!  Now, don’t think that I’m recommending just storing your knives on nothing more than a Tree Frog Pad — but it’s a good way to keep them from sliding off a counter (and maybe onto your foot?) while in use.  Read more about knife storage.

A few notes:

  • Cut the pad before removing the protective sheets from it — or put waxed paper on both sides.  It’s so sticky that it’s hard to work with otherwise.
  • Paper will stick to the pad so well that it’ll probably tear coming off.  You can wet the residue and it’ll come right off.  If any ink transferred, a little soap will take it off.  (Want to know how I learned this??)
  • Dirt and dust will get trapped on the pad and make it less effective.  Rinsing with water will remove it and totally restore the pad.  It’s not a chore at all!
  • Debra reports that using a little soap does a great job of cleaning up the pad — but she warns not to use the soap with moisturizers or “soft hands” formulas.  They’ll leave a residue on the pad that will make it less effective (hmm, wonder how she learned that??).
  • I tested the pad on all sorts of surfaces and it never left a residue.  It didn’t pull varnish off either — but if paint or varnish was loose or peeling, I’m betting it could pull some chips off.

The TreeFrogPads are great for lots of stuff in the galley and on the table (if your plates have a smooth bottom, such as Corelle do, they won’t move when on a Tree Frog Pad).  I stuck one under a cutting board to keep it in place, under a mixing bowl, set utensils on it and everything.  I ended up with tons of uses and photos — way more than I could use here.

But really, they have lots of uses on a boat . . . although, as with anything, you’ll have to test just how far you can trust them with your own circumstances (some phones and cameras, for example, will stick better than others just because they have a larger flat surface).

  • Cell phones
  • Cameras
  • Handheld GPS
  • MP3 player
  • iPads and other tablets
  • Remote controls
  • Other small electronics
  • Pens and pencils
  • Scissors
  • Glasses — both sunglasses and a place to put regular glasses overnight
  • Tools (great to set wrenches, pliers, etc. on while working anywhere — but particularly on deck to avoid things slipping through scupper holes — no guarantees, though!)

Tree Frog Pads come in three sizes:

  • Large — 7″ x 9″ ($12.95 as I write this)
  • Medium — 4″ x 4″ ($7.95)
  • Small — 2″ x 4″ ($5.95)

Get them online exclusively at — if you order one, when you get to shipping you have a choice of UPS or “more carriers.”  Choosing “more carriers” allows you to select USPS (regular mail), which is MUCH cheaper.

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  1. Candy Ann Williams on Facebook says:

    They really look cool….I am hoping I am going to be a winner! LOL! Have a great weekend!

  2. OMG! We still live in Tasmania!!!!!

  3. Rosslyn — I promise, someday I’ll find a giveaway where they’re willing to ship to Tasmania!

  4. Michelle Beatty on Facebook says:

    I need these in my SUV AND the boat and a million other places!!!lol

  5. Maybe you could get a discount on buying a million??

  6. Keri Hendricks on Facebook says:

    Sounds like another wonderful idea for those on the go people!

  7. Andrea Dollins on Facebook says:

    Wow!…definitely going on the “to try” list!

  8. I can’t wait to try these. Do you think they could keep cockpit cushions from slipping?

  9. At first I got all excited about this, but then I started wondering, won’t these sticky pads start to collect dust eventually and become usable (dust covering sticky surface?) Perhaps not for things that never move from the place you want them in, but for knives, or electronic gadgets that get picked up and put down again, etc. Do they come with cleaning instructions?

    • Yes, as noted in the article, a quick rinse with plain water is all that’s needed. For bigger messes on the pad, use a touch of plain soap. Don’t use soap with moisturizers as they will make the pad less sticky.

      • Ahh! Sorry for being a horrible reader. I skim too fast!! And got the auto-reply about your broken wrist. No need to respond to this and so sorry you broke your wrist. How frustrating! Hope you heal fast!

  10. Would strips of this stuff hold plastic mosquito netting to the underside of an open deck hatch? The velcro and/or snap methods we’ve used are unsatisfactory and ugly.

    • Hmm, Dave, interesting use. It would hold, it just might be hard to take the netting off without tearing it — it would depend on how sturdy/delicate it was (the really thin no-see-um netting I’m almost certain would tear). I just did a quick test with a bit of scrap “screen” and it removed okay — but that was after just a few minutes. I know from past experience that the hold gets stronger over time. But you could do it so there are no gaps for the mozzies to get in . . . which would be fantastic.

    • Good tips. I would probably ‘hem’ the edges over with clear duct tape as we’ve done before. It keeps the edges of the netting from fraying. Strips of heavy wax paper/plastic could help with storage I imagine. Worth an experiment over a porthole at least.

    • I’d probably try it, I just didn’t want to say “sure!”

  11. thanks for this. so when you use this pad, it is for a temporary use? after you are done using it to hold your knives, pots, etc. can you remove it and store it until you need it again or do you leave it in place? and if you remove it, how would you store it?

  12. You can remove it. I either put it back in the package it came in or put a piece of waxed paper on both sides. You can also stick it in a plastic bag. They all peel off okay for me but if anything does stick it will come off easily with water or a little soapy water if it’s really stuck.

  13. Just don’t leave them in the sun… mine melted.

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