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You may have noticed that a bunch of “my” recent posts have actually been tips from readers.  And numerous — well, actually most — other posts have a bunch of really helpful comments added from readers (comments left on Facebook are automatically imported, too).

This is one of the things that I absolutely love about having The Boat Galley online.  So often it seems that I’ll start a topic, someone will add a question or comment, then another person will add some more and so on . . . and we’re all better off for it.

A great example:

  • One of the first articles I wrote was about “avoiding critters” and getting as much cardboard as possible off the boat.
  • That led to a question about how to get rid of cardboard for things that come in cardboard, such as boxed wine and foil wraps.
  • I gave information on what I did, but then readers submitted a bunch more ways they got rid of even more cardboard — including Mary Dixon’s great idea for bags of boxed wine.
  • And then I later posted a further refinement from Lorie Eadie on how she gets rid of the cardboard and keeps bags of white wine cold!

There are a number of other examples of this — I learned about non-stinky dish rags from someone who read my tips on sour smelling bar rags and sponges, and the Omnia Stove Top Oven came from an article on baking in a Dutch oven.  Sami Bolton showed us her can pantry.  And on and on.

Roughly ten years ago, I began writing articles for several of the cruising magazines and I continue to do so.  But what I miss there is any sense of “conversation” with other cruisers, would-be cruisers or CLODs (cruisers living on dirt — in other words, those of us who still think of ourselves as cruisers even though we’re not presently on the water).

And it’s the tips, questions and comments from everyone that I think add so much to The Boat Galley.  Together we have a lot more information than any one can possibly have.  So I just want to say “thanks” to everyone who asks a question, clarifies something, adds information or provides new information . . . thanks for all you’ve all added!

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