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Annette Baker of Seamless Sailor (great site with lots of tips on sewing projects for your boat) sent me this picture last night.  She called it “Provisioning with The Boat Galley.”  I love it — and the longer I looked at it, the more things I spotted that come from The Boat Galley — whether it’s actual items, ingredients for favorite recipes, tips, whatever.

At first, I was just going to post the photo with a list of what all I’d found.  Boring. So instead, I’m asking:

What all can you find that comes from posts here on The Boat Galley?

Click on the photo to enlarge it and leave a note in the comments with what you can find.  For ingredients, tell what recipe(s) or other posts they’re from (yeah, not everything there is just for eating). And I may just randomly give out some TBG bags (hint — that might be item number 1) and no, I won’t do it by number of items found, since that’s an unfair advantage to the last to answer.  And there’s no specific deadline or numbers — I’ll contact the winners by email.

Do You Find The Boat Galley Useful?

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  1. Looks great.

  2. Nido powdered milk

  3. Nido milk Powder, old bay seasoning,guiradelli cacao, Adolph’s Tenderizer, quick oats, Hershey’s chocolate powder,cinnamon sticks, your Provisions List on the computer, double zip plastic bags, extra wide noodles, wire shelf rack

  4. Vala Richmond says:

    I think Angie got it all but the Boat Galley shopping bag! There is also a package under the shelf behind the computer that I can’t make out – but I’m sure it’s something you recommended as well!

  5. Vala Richmond says:

    oh, and the Old Bay and cinnamon sticks have been used in several recipes, and the Nido in a specific article. I had never tried the Old Bay till you recommended it, and am still looking for the right Nido you recommended. I’ve played around with the provisioning list a bit but still need to spend some time figuring out everything to put on it. Pretty much if you recommend it, it winds up on my shopping list or Amazon cart somewhere…

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