One Tough Cookie

By Carolyn Shearlock © 2015 • all rights reserved

One Tough Cookie

Sunday night, I learned just how tough our little ball of canine fluff is. Paz — all seven pounds of her — survived an attack by a pit bull.

I won’t go into details of the attack or the aftermath. The short version is that it took us an hour to reach the nearest vet open on a Sunday evening, the Emergency Veterinary Clinic in Ft. Myers. They got her stabilized and operated late at night to repair the damage. She stayed in ICU overnight, then was discharged to us very early the next morning (as an emergency clinic, they are only open overnight; animals in need of further care are transported to other facilities).

With a four-inch wound in Paz’s neck and chest (her trachea was ruptured and surgically repaired, along with the muscle damage, skin tear and other injuries), we could not return to living on an unairconditioned boat in a dusty work yard.

The Port La Belle Inn (the nearest hotel/motel to the boat yard and really a resort/conference center) could not have been more helpful — they don’t normally allow dogs but were sympathetic to our plight. They even let me go to the room before Dave checked in!

Paz has a lot of recovery yet to do, but she’s proving to be one tough cookie. She survived the attack, the long trip to the veterinary hospital and the surgery. And now she’s doing well with her recovery.

Dave and I have always teasingly called her “the fierce and mighty” for the play growl noises she makes (she’s never growled in earnest; I think she doesn’t realize that a growl is anything other than a play noise). The past couple of days, she has proven that she is, indeed, fierce and mighty with a very strong will to survive.

Like anyone recovering from major trauma, Paz is sleeping most of the day and, at the same time, requires a lot of care. One of us has to be with her all the time.

Here’s the good news:

  • While we still have to hand feed her the “critical care” high calorie, low waste food that the doctor prescribed, Paz is eating the recommended amount. She lost several teeth and had other injuries to her mouth, so this is really good news as she needs food and energy to heal.
  • She’s drinking plenty of water and as of last night, lapping it from a small bowl.
  • When we carry her outside for “business trips,” Paz tries to walk a bit, anywhere from 2 to 20 feet.  When a hotel employee approached her, she even wagged her tail. Only a tiny bit, but it was a wag!
  • She’s starting to walk just a bit around the motel room, too.
  • Paz seems to be in much less pain, although she’s still on pain meds and will be for another week or so.
  • When she’s not asleep, she’s alert — watching us or looking out the window.
  • Paz has always been a “licky” dog and has just started giving me a lick or two as I’m carrying her outside. It’s truly heartening to see her returning to her “normal” behavior.

Paz today

We still have to be careful to avoid infection (she’s on antibiotics) and not overtire or stress her but we’re optimistic about her complete recovery with time. (Note: if you wonder why you don’t see a big wound in the photo above or the one at the top of this post, I’ve deliberately chosen ones where it’s pretty much hidden.)

Since the incident, I haven’t posted on The Boat Galley, Facebook or Instagram. I haven’t replied to email or other messages. I’ve pretty much neglected everything. The next couple of weeks look to be a little rocky, too — I’ll post when I can and try to get caught up on correspondence.

And I have to give huge thanks to:

  • The Emergency Veterinary Clinic in Ft. Myers. I hope you never need their services, but they were fantastic — even loaning me a charger for my smart phone so that we could go to the motel next door while Paz was in surgery and know we wouldn’t miss a call.
  • The Port LaBelle Inn. If you need a motel while in LaBelle, I definitely recommend them (not cheap, but not outrageous for the area and room amenities). We have stayed at another local motel that was slightly cheaper and not nearly as nice — and which no longer allows dogs since a change in ownership.
  • Google and Google Maps. Literally, these probably saved Paz’s life. The local vets in LaBelle were all closed on Sunday night, the number that all their answering machines gave me to call “in an emergency” was no longer in service. Dave just started driving towards Ft. Myers with me on the smartphone. Google gave me the info I needed with a phone number I could click with one hand as the other held Paz. Google Maps got us there the fastest way possible — when we didn’t even know the roads in the city. Again, with one click on “Directions.”

And also to our new friends (and long-time TBG readers) Terry and Jenn Pierson, who we’d had a beer with just before the incident. We’d exchanged boat cards and I’d happened to stick theirs in my pocket. Around 11 that night, I realized that we’d left our boat wide open . . . and Terry’s was the only phone number I had. I called him (probably woke him up) and somehow didn’t even explain where we were or what had happened, but just asked if they could close up our boat as we were going to be gone all night. With perfect cruiser helpfulness, they did. Thanks, guys!

UPDATE: Tuesday, May 5 — I posted this little video clip on The Boat Galley’s Facebook page last night. She did two little runs and is now trying to bark, although it’s just a squeak at this point. Late yesterday night, she also ate out of her bowl (no hand feeding) for the first time, although she’s still eating the special “critical care” food to get enough calories to support the healing.

Continuing to improve – running and playing (only two short runs) and trying to bark although it’s more of a high-pitched squeak! #onetoughcookie

Posted by The Boat Galley on Monday, May 4, 2015

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  1. Oh what a horrible ordeal..thinking of you all and I hope Paz recovers quickly

  2. I’m so glad Paz is recovering. Poor little baby. It brings out all the Mamma instincts. Take care of yourself too.

  3. OMG how sad! I hope Paz recovers quickly. I hate pit bulls. How scary for you guys.

  4. How scary and awful this incident was , poor Paz. I am positive that with your love and care recovery will be swift.

  5. Hi guys,
    Well it sounds like Paz is doing well after such a terrible event. It sounds like you guys are doing okay as well. I wish Paz a speedy recovery. Good luck with everything.

  6. Hugs, love, and prayers!

  7. Way too go little bit! My yorkie was killed by a pit bull several years ago. You are a lucky puppy to have such awesome humans!

  8. SO sorry you all went through this, and so glad that Paz is recovering. I know she’s in excellent hands with you and Dave. Hope she recovers super swiftly with no adverse effects.

  9. I teared up reading this. I will keep you in my thoughts. I’m glad Paz is showing such good signs of recovery.

  10. Oh no! Poor Paz!! I’m so glad she is coming around. My golden was attacked once by a Pit also. It was terrifying! People really need to train their dogs or keep them on a leash! Best vibes for a swift recovery!

  11. I’m so sorry but so glad to hear that Paz is on the mend!!

  12. Hang tough, Paz. Hope you are better soon.

  13. Aww- Poor Paz! Poor Mom & Dad! How traumatic! I’m so happy she’s healing well, and hope that you will all be back on board very soon! Poor baby! 🙁 <3

  14. Sorry to hear about Paz…if you were near Ft. Lauderdale……Coral Springs Animal hospital is the best 24 hour surgical refferal hospital…and Connie…one of their Anestesia Nurses is a sailor…all their surgeons are boarded…

  15. Get well soon Paz. Prayers for everyone.

  16. Glad Paz is on the mend. An ordeal for you all.

  17. Margaret A. McGovern says:

    What a tragedy! So glad she is a fierce and mighty dog. Sending healing thoughts her way. Take care of yourselves as well while she is recovering.

  18. Oh poor Paz and parents. I had tears reading your story. I have a 20 lb bichon named bumper and he is my boat dog. I so get it and can not imagine the fear. Sending best wishes from bumper and I They are tuff little dogs. And it sounds like he will pull thru just fine.

  19. We are do glad that Paz is having a good recovery, he is such a sweety. You take care yourselves, be safe and enjoy the A/C!!

  20. Sooooo sorry to hear, hope Paz will have a speedy recovery. Positive thoughts and prayers to you,Dave,and Paz. 🙂

  21. Carolyn, I am so sorry for this horrible experience for all three of you. Glad to hear she is recovering nicely so far, she has the best little disposition and her licks are indeed precious! I wish we were near so I could help you but please know we are thinking of you. After Baguette’s attack her personality changed and she was much more timid and frightened around other dogs, just wanted you to not be surprised if that happens. My vet said it was a common reaction.

  22. Greetings from Australia, wishing Paz all the very best for a speedy recovery … ♡x

  23. Poor Paz! Glad she is on the mend. Our furbabies are so precious to us! 🙂

  24. Belinda Wolfe says:

    I’m so sorry to hear Paz was hurt – so is such a cute ball of fluff. I hope she makes a full and speedy recovery. Although you will be missed, Paz needs you more!

  25. What a horrible thing to experience! We are dog lovers here and feel for you both and poor Paz. We, too, would do all within our means to help our beloved friend. How fortunate that you all have each other. We are relieved to know your little fighter is on the mend. Such spirit 🙂

  26. So sorry for your pup! I know the pain and fear you went through. Years ago my Westie was attacked by an Akita, throat slit and massive punctures in her neck with full body bruising. We too were blessed she survived. She was my small dog and our large dog was also attacked first and then while trying to defend our little girl. Both had major trauma with drains and stitches. This happened while being walked on a leash. It will take you time to get over the shock but thankfully I can tell you Paz and you both will slowly be able to get over this. You will never forget but your baby due to your love will heal emotionally! Hugs to all.

    • Thanks for sharing your story. I’m so glad it had a happy outcome. The shock is just starting to hit me — the last two days were just dealing with what had to be done, today it’s sinking in.

  27. June Ruby says:

    So sorry. We miss your posts but do not rush – take care of all of you!

  28. She’s such a cutie. Hope the recovery goes well. Hugs and kisses to Paz.

    Mark and Cindy
    s/v Cream Puff

  29. Donna Angliss says:

    Thinking of you at this tough time and praying for a speedy recovery for Paz xx

  30. Sending good healing power to Paz. I would be devastated and angry if my baby (dog) was harmed. Boat dogs bring us so much joy.

  31. So glad your baby is going to be ok…

  32. Wishing Paz a very speedy recovery!!

  33. Wishing Paz and you guys a healthy recovery. It’s so sad to see our pets go through such an ideal. They are pretty resilient creatures.

  34. What a gruesome experience! Wishing Paz the Best for her speedy recovery and lots of energy for all the love and care to her parents.

  35. Thinking of you guys. I know how horrible tiny dog trauma can be. Its terrifying. Hope you guys don’t get hit by those storms coming in.

  36. Poor sweet Paz. I’m glad to hear she is recovering. Sending positive vibes that she’ll have an easy recovery.

  37. May you all travel the healing path together.

  38. Little dogs are tougher than we think. Our little 8 lb pap had a similar accident. Here is the story:

  39. Poor puppy! I hope Paz heals quickly!

  40. Healing thoughts sent your way. We feel so helpless when a baby is hurting.

  41. So sorry Paz and you are going through this!!! What a strong poochie!! Much love and healing hugs!!! XO

  42. =( So glad Paz is ok!

  43. What a horrendous experience for all of you! Poor little Paz, i hope she heals quickly and hope you’re okay too.

  44. Poor sweet Paz! What a trooper. The small are mighty! Get well soon.

  45. Good luck to you all!

  46. Sending Paz get well wishes!

  47. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for Paz. What an ordeal but sounds like the worst is behind you. Let’s pray that tail gets to wagging real soon!

  48. Diane Ericsson says:

    Wishing Paz a speedy and complete recovery. Such an awful experience for you and especially him. No one should have to go through that.

    Please be sure to report the attack to both Animal Control and Police if you have not already. It is amazing how many attacking dogs are repeat offenders. If there are no complaints then there is no way for law enforcement to do anything to prevent future attacks.

    My two schipperke mix dogs were attacked by a pit bull/boxer mix four years ago. They escaped without serious injuries. I ended up with my arm and hand in a cast because I had to break up the repeated attacks. The dog ran off and returned to attack seven more times. I had much more damage than just a broken bone. It made me give up sailing, and just about anything else, for almost two years. One of my dogs still gets anxious when she sees any medium sized dog with a similar color smooth coat to that pit bull/boxer.

  49. Love prayers and healing thoughts sending your way Paz!

  50. So glad she is recovering. Will keep her and you in my prayers.

  51. Glad Paz is mending from her ordeal. What is being done about the Pit that attacked her?

  52. How awful – and wonderful that Paz is recovering.

  53. Take care of your baby!

  54. Glad to hear Paz will recover. I know you may not want to name names, but where were you and are you doing anything to get the dog off the street? We’re in Marathon now with two small dogs that we walk several times a day near the city marina. We would hate for our dogs (or someone else’s) to be victimized next.

  55. Strong little dog. He has all the love and best wishes from every dog he ever met.

  56. Daisy says “woof woof woof” which is dog for “get better quick….

  57. Poor baby!!

  58. 3 weeks ago my little Yorkie was killed by a pit. There is no excuse for this to be happening. As for the owner of this pit,I’ve not heard a word from him,not a sorry,can I help u,nothing. Bet I hear from him when we are standing in the court room.

  59. Patricia says:

    So sorry for you two and Paz for the pit bull attack, but happy that Paz has such loving parents and that healing is happening. Poor sweet Paz. I cried when I read this. Pit bulls are to be fixed and muzzled. Wishing all of you a very speedy recovery.

  60. I know the worry when something happens to our pets. Glad everyone is resting and on the mend.

  61. Shelly Young says:

    Speedy recovery little one!

  62. Poor Paz! I hope she has a quick and complete recovery.

  63. I hope Paz has a full and healthy recovery. She is an adorable – and very loved – little girl.

  64. I am so happy Paz survived and is recovering. Poor sweet baby. Best wishes for her full recovery.
    A friend recommended we always know where the nearest 24 hour vet was and I didn’t take it seriously until reading this!!

  65. So sorry! How scary for you all. I hope she makes a full recovery.

  66. That is so stressful! Glad Paz is continuing to recover

  67. Since I’ve been following you I’ve come to enjoy the stories of Paz and seeing the occasional cameos. My heart goes out to you and Paz. I’m in tears over this traumatic ordeal. I pray for a speedy recovery. Best wishes please keep us informed of the her progress.

  68. Wow, so sorry to hear about the little guy . We have a scottie that has been attached three times on his leash. He has a harness on so he ends up dangling in the air while husband kicks dogs off. It is a frightening thing to go through . I hope you know who the owner is of the dog and it gets put down. No room in my head for a dog that attacks. Sorry for all that do not agree.

  69. So very sorry for you and your pup! Hope she recovers fully.

  70. Thankful Paz is recovering. What a scary experience!

  71. 🙁 Poor Paz!! Sending prayers for a full recovery. I miss her so much. Please give her a couple extra kisses for me. Get well soon Paz!!

  72. Please review Millie La Rue blog/page. She was seriously hurt Christmas Eve. Her mummy wrote about her inuuries and recovery. You need to read her story. There are lots of helpful hints there for Paz’s recovery. I wish you all well.

  73. So sorry to hear, hope Paz has a quick recovery.

  74. So glad to hear it all worked out, keep a watchful eye on her still, aren’t boating people the best!!

  75. How horrible! So happy to here she is improving. Wishes for a speedy recovery!

  76. Poor little Paz!! I am glad she is recovering!! Keep us posted. Thinking of you all!!

  77. Thinking about you all and hoping little Paz stays strong.

  78. Claire Ford says:

    These 24 hour clinics are a Godsend. We had to take ours in on Sunday night, too, but it was only allergies. Anytime one of ours acts differently, and we don’t know the cause, it’s off to our favorite all night vet.

    From your earlier posts of how ya’ll acquired Paz, she does seem to be “one tough cookie.” Praying for her to be whole again, and to be the sweet pup she’s always been.

    Please, take all the time you need. All your fans will understand, and we will wait patiently for updates.

  79. Claire Ford says:

    PS We’ve taken to carrying a taser wand with us when walking our dogs. Our neighbor had been attacked 3 times in our neighborhood, so when we saw him carrying, we asked why. Now we carry, too.

  80. Soooo sorry …. I learned the hard way to train my dogs to walk on leash in front of me on docks and in new areas. One: I can keep an eye on them and what’s coming up to them. Two, docks are too narrow to have them “heel” beside you. My first was heeling beside me when an off- leash dog trotted over and bit her on the back and ran off after his boy who was on a bike. In a flash! No wound, but she hated other dogs since then. Our fourth now walks in front of me.

  81. CAROLYN – we are so sorry to hear about PAZ, bet to her and you all. Good luck from D & Don i Oriental NC.

  82. Poor sweet Paz! So glad is doing okay!

  83. So glad Paz is doing better and hope for a full recovery. He is such a cutie.

  84. oh my, carolyn I am so sorry…. keeping my fingers and toes crossed for a continued speedy recovery.

  85. Here is hoping a speedy recovery to little Paz.

  86. I teared up reading this… Paz is very fortunate to have such wonderful caregivers who obviously love her very much. I wish her a speedy recovery. All my best to the 3 of you – that’s a horrbile thing for you to have to go through.

  87. We wish you all a speedy recovery. That is awful to experience and our prayers go out to Paz. Sounds like he is a tough little guy. Get well soon!

  88. Hoping for a successful recovery for your dog. Pets are like family and its distressing to see them hurt. I hope to see you on Judge Judy and to hear that the pit bull is put down. Keep extensive notes for your court case.

  89. Thank God Paz is a tough little cookie.

  90. Gotta love those pit bulls, hmm?

  91. I’m so sorry to hear about that but am glad Paz is doing well. As a pit bull parent myself, it really disgusts me that some dog owners are so irresponsible with their dogs. Pit bulls are the most loving and sweetest dogs I’ve ever seen when raised right. Unfortunately, there are people out there who are not responsible with their dogs. We always hear the bad stories in the news, but they never show how the owners mistreat their dogs or keep them locked away without any contact with other people or dogs. Our puppies think that anything smaller than they are is a puppy (including our cats) and then slobber all over it trying to lick it. I really am sorry that you had to meet one of the bad examples of this type of dog rather than the millions of good ones. If you want to see how pit bulls act when raised in a loving home, you can check out my blog at

    • We have several family members who have good pit bulls, and don’t hate them at all. Maybe that was a bit of why we didn’t have our guard up, and both dogs were on leash and had met previously.

  92. So glad she is recovering! Praying for you and your family!!

  93. How terrible of a situation! Wishing Paz a speedy and comfortable recovery, the poor thing!

  94. I’m so glad Paz is recovering. Two years ago I was attacked by a pit bull. After 12 days in the trauma unit, 4 surgeries including a muscle graft, $166,000+ hospital bill, missing 30 days of work and losing $10,000 of my income, I am healed. I have a really scarred leg, not only where the attack occurred, but where the skin graft was taken. I can’t get my leg in the sun and this is hard for a sailor! And because the dog owner had no insurance, he got off scot free. I do feel blessed that it was my leg and not my face and I am alive. I do know not all pit bulls attack, but I’m definitely staying away from them!

  95. Oh I’m so sorry. Glad Paz is recovering nicely. We love our “fur people ” they are family. Best of luck. Keep us posted & a love to Paz too

  96. So very sorry to hear your little companion was violently attacked. I can’t imagine that tiny pup in the mouth of a pitbull. Best wishes for her full recovery. And thank you for taking action against the owner calous & irresponsible enough to keep a nasty dog and then let it off leash. Disgusting!

  97. I am crying reading this. Hoping and praying Paz is now on the road to recovery. I cannot even imagine what you all went through. We aren’t too far away in Naples, so if you need anything at all, please let me know.

  98. Omg, so sorry to hear! We cruise with a chihuahua and I am forever worried a vicious loose dog will appear on the dock or marina. Always on the look out. We are outspoken advocates of leash laws and remind other boaters when they allow their dogs to run loose. Not always popular, but this is what happens. I know y’all are sick. Glad Paz is on the mend.

  99. Daisy May Dashevsky says:

    Hey Paz! Didn’t I tell you over dinner not to tangle with those bigger dogs? I know, I know…sometimes they just come out of nowhere and “get you”….been there, done that, HATE it!!!! Sure sounds like you had a rougher go than me….my heart is breaking. Mommy says you have a pretty long recovery, but that your Mommy and Daddy are taking really good care of you (I knew they would! ) 🙂

    My mommy said she would bring up some soft treats for you and even a new toy this weekend if that would make you feel better…have Aunt Carolyn let my mommy know – OK???

    Hang in there, girlfriend….I’m thinking about you and keeping you in my prayers…we all know that all doggie prayers are heard!

    Love and gentle doggie kisses,

    Daisy May

  100. So sorry for Paz!

  101. Sorry to hear that Carolyn. We know how much pets are actually family. What about the owner of the pit bull?

  102. Sorry to hear about Paz but happy to hear she is on the mend. The pups are family and it is hard to see them hurt. I know that our little guy thinks he is bigger and tougher than he really is. Being land dwellers we have to worry about coyotes as well as bigger dogs.

    Thinking about Paz and the both of you and wishing all a speedy recovery from this ordeal.

  103. So glad to hear that she’s starting to feel better!

  104. Wow! I am sorry to hear this. But am glad she survived, and is on the mend. Keep those wounds very clean as chance of infection is very high with a dog bite. Human or dogs. Wash wounds as directed and do not skimp. I cannot emphasize this enough!! I also cannot post on a public forum my opinion about pit bulls. Tell you in person when we meet, but it ain’t good. I was attacked myself by one. I am not sure what the laws are in Florida, and not sure if pit bull was caught or not? But I have a wealth of knowledge about the criminal process. PM for my phone number if you need to talk. Keeping you, Dave and sweet little Paz in my prayers.

  105. so glad he’s a survivor

  106. Both dogs were on leash.

  107. Very sorry to hear about your little doggie. I am happy she it getting better.

  108. Cooper (our boat dog ) says “growl like a pirate ” Paz and feel better soon. Boat dogs are made of sturdy stuff I hear !!))

  109. Praying for Paz. Poor little thing.

  110. Bless you and Paz. The strong relationship you have with her is the strength she is finding to heal.

  111. Carolyn, So, so sorry to hear this. It’s not just small dogs that are attacked. My golden retriever was attacked by a dog off leash, half her size. I was very fortunate to fend her off and avoid injury. I hope Paz does well and recovers both physically and emotionally.

  112. So, so sorry to hear this!! Glad Paz is recovering!! Will be thinking of all of you.

  113. So glad to hear Paz is doing well so far! What a nightmare! Hope that little tough cookie keeps on the mend!

  114. So sorry to hear about your adorable Bichon. We are Bichon owners too. We understand how this breed really becomes a part of the family. We hope Paz has a fast recovery.

  115. Oh my gosh!!!! Poor baby, so glad lil’ Paz is doing okay. Prayers for a full recovery. Hugs to momma and papa. Must have been a terrible ordeal 🙁

  116. So sorry to hear all this happened to you guys. Glad Paz is on the mend. Prayers for her continued recovery and your peace

  117. Oh my goodness, I’m so glad she’s okay! So glad you could get her the help she needed.

  118. Sending doggie get wells your way! So traumatic…it probably took as much out of you as it did her! Rest up, all of you….

  119. Cheryl Buckner says:

    Best wishes from Canada. Paz always looks so cute on the pictures! What a sweetie! Wishing Paz a speedy recovery.

  120. Cynthia Brossard says:

    I have so enjoyed your posts and to hear that you have been through such a horrible experience is utterly dismaying. Life is full of surprises and many of them are bad. 🙁 I am so glad Paz survived and I hope all of you can put it behind you in time. xoxo

  121. Healing wishes to Paz… and her parents!

  122. Ted and Relinda Broom says:

    So sorry to hear about Paz. Speedy recovery to him. I know first hand how a “loving and sweet”
    Pit can turn for no reason. I was in the right place at the right time and was able to stop the attack.Ownes need to be held accountable for thier dogs, no matter what breed. Be sure to also take care of yourself. Trama is both physical and emotional.. Ted..

  123. Get well soon Paz!

  124. Oh my. Bless her little soul!!!! 🙁 we are rooting for you, Paz!! Yay for your good mommy and daddy!!

  125. So traumatic for everyone!! Such horrendous injuries and unbelievable she’s survived … Just shows what she’s made of! Little steps each day and soon you’ll have your adorable little dog back! Lots of love x

  126. Oh my goodness, guys! How traumatic for you all. Wishing Paz a comfortable recovery.

  127. Hugs!

  128. I expect to cry when I read Facebook dog stories, not usually the case with the Boat Galley. Crying now!!! We do love our dogs. Have been reading your blog for awhile now so Paz is an old friend. Hope she recovers quickly.

  129. Sorry to hear about Paz. Speedy recovery! We are dog people but I see no need for Pit Bulls…sorry. Many Pit owners seem to cling to “I’m a tough guy look at my tough dog” identity, pathetic. So glad Paz survived!

  130. Thank you for the positive way you reported this story, using uplifting pieces of information without beating the drum of negative details. Great way to relay information and uplift us all in the telling. Love to you and yours.

  131. Bart & Trish says:

    Sailor, our 13 lb Bichon Frise, Service and Boat Dog sends his healing thoughts to Paz. He was rescued from an area in Ft. Meyers and was chased by Pit Bulls as well. He still has nightmares with his little paws moving as fast as they can.
    If you are ever in a need of an excellent vet in the Daytona/DeLand area please look up Florida Wild Veterinary Hospital and tell Dr.Holder or Dr. Mason Sailor sent you. They have been amazingly supportive and attentive to all of Sailor’s needs.
    Get well soon, Paz!!!!

  132. Peggy Bjarno says:

    What a scary story! Poor little Paz, and poor you guys. Having a dog on board is a wonderful, rewarding experience. It gets us out to exercise and explore, and our little Niya is so cute that people will stop and chat. She’s a great introduction to dock mates and other friends. And they truly are part of the family.
    However, we have also met people with dogs who are either not properly socialized, and/or not under full control of the owner. Both Niya and I have become leery of meeting other dogs on our walks, which is unfortunate because often that hesitation on our part is what invites the “Mean Alpha.” As much as I like to give Niya a chance to socialize, I’ve taken to asking her to give me her sole attention when we pass other dog walkers.
    Take very good care of your little girl, and give her a gentle hug for me.

  133. Gerry White says:

    Hi Dave and Carolyn,
    Looks like Paz is as tough as his old man. Molly is still hanging in also. s/v Barlovento has passed to new owners and heading back to Baja.

  134. Didn’t see this until now. How horrific! How is she?

  135. She is doing really well. Stronger and getting around more every day although still tiring quickly and sleeping more than normal. I’m amazed at the improvement each day.

  136. She is doing really well. Stronger and getting around more every day although still tiring quickly and sleeping more than normal. I’m amazed at the improvement each day.

  137. Kevin and I were going to call then realized it was so late. Glad to hear she is better!!

  138. Don’t know what happened to my original comment here….but we are both soooo glad li’l Paz is doing OK. Give her extra pets from us. But….what happened to the attack dog??

  139. Oh Carolyn, I am so sorry this happened. The Blue Dog crew sends hearty wishes that Paz will continue to heal and grow stronger. Please give her a scratch behind the ears for us.

  140. Oh Carolyn, I am so sorry this happened. The Blue Dog crew sends hearty wishes that Paz will continue to heal and grow stronger. Please give her a scratch behind the ears for us.

  141. Paz is “special”. Our hearts and good positive thoughts are with Paz, and both of you.

  142. So do sorry for your ordeal! When our babies get hurt it breaks our hearts. I am glad she is a tough little one! Here is hoping continued healing! ?❤?❗

  143. Melissa says:

    Prayers for complete recovery. Thanks for sharing you love of animals and boats.

  144. Jane Overbeck, Rising Tide says:

    Carolyn, we’re late in learning this, but our heartfelt wishes for healing and a long life for Paz. Good boat dogs like her are a treasure.

  145. Sending healing thoughts for a speedy recovery for little Paz! What a scary ordeal for all of you; I’m so glad to hear that you were able to find her quality medical care in time. Hang in there!

  146. Best wishes for a good recovery. So sorry this happened. Our dog is the second mate in all ventures for us – I feel the agony, and hope Paz heals well.

  147. Shiela Legg says:

    Hello … you don’t know me, but I follow Boat Galley and enjoy it so much. I am so sorry your beautiful little dog Paz has suffered such a horrible experience and been injured so severely. I wish her a speedy and full recovery and hope this can all be behind you soon.

  148. Wes & Denise Hargreaves...&" Madi" says:

    Hello All….Sorry to hear about this traumatic event….We feel for you….Madi….our GSP (German Shorthaired Pointer)goes everywhere with us and she shares in all our activities…Praying for a speedy recovery for your four legged friend (and for you guys)….Take care…

    Denise ….Wes….and Madi

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