New Ways to Buy TBG Cookbook

By Carolyn Shearlock © 2013 • all rights reserved

Alice-McKenzieJust a quick update on several new places to buy The Boat Galley Cookbook (for a complete list, click here):

Buying from Jan and I

Since before the book was even published, people asked Jan and I if we’d be selling the book directly.  We initially thought we would, then we discovered that we simply couldn’t match Amazon and Barnes & Noble on price, particularly with shipping.

Neither one of us wanted to feel that we were taking advantage of anyone by charging a higher price, so we decided not to “really” sell them ourselves, other than keeping a few copies on hand for people we met in person.

Periodically, we’d both get emails wondering about getting an autographed copy of the book.  Frankly, these surprised both of us.  People want my autograph? On something other than a check?

While we’ve both signed books for people we met at various times, we just felt funny about selling autographed copies since we’d have to charge more than what the big online sellers charged for exactly the same book.

We still feel funny about it (it just seems like we’re charging for an autograph), but after having four different email requests in September and then two people talked to me about getting autographed copies for Christmas gifts when I was at the Annapolis Boat Show, Jan and I reconsidered and figured out how we could do it.  We’re very flattered that people have asked for this!

  • Buy an autographed copy of The Boat Galley Cookbook without gift wrap — $30 each (click here)
  • Buy an autographed copy of The Boat Galley Cookbook with gift wrap — $33 each (click here)

And if you happen to be in SW Florida and see or hear Winterlude, Jan has a few copies aboard to sell, too.  As I write this, she’s at Burnt Store Marina in Punta Gorda.

La Paz Cruisers Supply

You can now buy The Boat Galley Cookbook in La Paz (Sea of Cortez, Mexico) at La Paz Cruisers Supply at Marina Palmira.  I am thrilled that they are carrying it!

To the best of my knowledge, this is the only place in Mexico to buy a print copy of the book.

The Nautical Mind, Toronto

If you’re in Toronto, The Nautical Mind carries the book in their store on the waterfront, next door to the Radisson Hotel.

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  1. Ordered mine today. Can hardly wait for it to get here!!! Now I regret not buying the Kindle version. I would have it already!!!

  2. La Paz Cruisers Supply is now proud to be carrying the Boat Galley Cookbook! Stop by when you’re in La Paz and check out our new store located at Marina Palmira.

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