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Create More Privacy

Ever wish your port holes had frosted glass?  I mean, cruisers are a friendly bunch and most try to respect each others’ privacy even when docked just a few feet away.  However, sometimes it just ends up that someone has a pretty good view right into the boat either from the dock or, more frequently, from their boat into yours.  And if it happens to be your “dressing area” or it’s hot and you’re not wearing much, well, you just crave a bit of privacy.

Jackie Bartz of Lively Lady came up with a great way to get a bit more privacy without totally blocking the light  . . . and which uses what would otherwise be trash!

Says Jackie:  The cereal box “liner bags” that are translucent plastic make good “frosting” for the ports/hatches when cut to fit and applied with a few small pieces of tape. Light can still come in, but no one can SEE in!

And a hint for cutting the pieces out: Just place the plastic on/in the port and run a pencil or pen around in the frame. The pen or pencil will almost cut the liner if you hold the plastic in place carefully.

In a follow up e-mail, Jackie noted that different brands of cereal (and some cracker packages) have different colors and transparency, as well as different sizes.

If you want to get fancy or need a larger piece than a box liner, you can also buy static cling sheets at most home improvement stores.  They’re usually near the curtain rods and blinds.  I used these to cover a mirrored shower door that was directly opposite the toilet in our house (YIKES! What was the previous owner thinking?).  While the sheets seem expensive at $20 each, it was much cheaper than buying a new shower door!

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  1. MaryJo Boyle says:

    This is some good info, Carolyn! We have curtains that I HATE in our staterooms and I have tried to think of something to cover those windows so I could get rid of the curtains. I’m going to check out the window-covering section of Home Depot today.

  2. The first thing I did aboard our sailboat was remove all the curtains. I used the frosted contact paper and covered just the glass portion of the ports. In an emergency (can’t think of exactly what that would be) they can easily be removed with a fingernail. It provides great privacy while aboard or away!

  3. Relinda Ted Broom on Facebook says:

    We had that in a marina in Key West. I never paid attention to the upper deck on a large yacht a couple docks behind us. I put the privacy curtain across the back of the companionway and not across the top. Imagine the look on my face when I stepped out of the shower and looked out to see the owner of the yacht watching me and raised his glass to me. I learned a lesson that day. Relinda

  4. Oh my! 🙂

  5. Great idea! I love your site!

  6. I recycled some bubble wrap this way for the ports above and opposite the head. Lets in the light but creates privacy and the wrap would otherwise have been trash.

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