Emergency Air Freshener

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Very easy trick

Not to get too graphic here, but we’ve all had times when we’ve really wished we had some air freshener but didn’t. Traveler’s tummy, Montezuma’s Revenge, seasickness, the cat’s litter box or just the catch of the day can result in some less than ideal smells on the boat.

Reader Diane Dashevsky wrote me just the other day that her husband hit upon a great “emergency” air freshener: denture tablets.

They always keep denture tablets on hand for cleaning (so do I — read more about this here) and Al just tossed a couple into a small bowl of water and set the bowl in the sink in case it sloshed.

One of the main ingredients in denture tablets is baking soda (bicarbonate of soda), which is a great odor absorber. And the fizzy-ness helps to release the “fresh mint” into the air.

We had fish for dinner last night and so I tried this. While it didn’t take the fish smell totally away, there was a noticeable imrovement very quickly. So while I may still keep some air freshener on hand, I now have a backup plan if we’re out!

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  1. I boil some spices like cloves & cinnamon stick in a little water.

  2. I used a heap of bicarb in a bag on my stinky shoes, that are not birkenstocks but the same style and left them for a while to sit in it. Made no difference at all! Maybe the stench was too much for the bicarb and it refused to absorb it! I think I might try activated charcoal instead. As a result not sure if it is such a great absorber of smells. BTW none of my other shoes smell, just those ones. Bugger.

    • For my husband’s really stinky sandals, the only thing that works is to put them in a bucket of water mixed with a hefty dose of baking soda and let them sit overnight. He uses “sneaker balls” in his running shoes, and they help . . . some. You can get them in most shoe stores or more cheaply in places like Walmart or very cheaply as an add-on from Amazon such as these.

  3. Or, I guess we could open a porthole or hatch 🙂

  4. Cool, will try it

  5. Can you use the denture tablets in the bowl for head odors?

  6. Chris in Oregon says:

    Speaking of stinky, I put dryer sheets in with my dirty clothes that helps eliminate the odors. These sheets also go in all the clean clothes drawers to kill the musty boat smell.
    Just something I do. 🙂

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