Cuisinart STOW-8 Nestable Pans

By Carolyn Shearlock © 2012 • all rights reserved

NOTE:  These were discontinued and the remaining stock is gone.  Take a look at these Magma nesting pans instead:

Magma Nesting Pans - fantastic for a boat, RV or any small kitchen


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  1. Allan Cobb on Facebook says:

    I have a set of these and I really like them.

  2. Debbie Carroll on Facebook says:

    we’ve been using these for a number of years, love this set.

  3. John Ahern on Facebook says:

    Let me ask this question…With a three burner propane oven and stove, what are the BEST pans

  4. If you want a 10-piece set (nonstick or regular), I really like the Magma ones. Both these and the Magma are great in the 7/8 piece size. All are very heavy, not prone to hot spots and store in minimal space. Nonstick takes less water to clean, but regular is better if you’re going to let the pans do double duty as mixing bowls. Here’s the article I wrote on the Magma ones (I had a 10-piece Magma set on the boat and bought the 7 piece set for now ashore):

  5. Roland Falkenstein on Facebook says:

    thanks for the link – just ordered them!

  6. John Ahern on Facebook says:

    Me too! You should get commission

  7. Actually, I do make a small commission when you buy through my links . . . but I never recommend something because I might make a bit (the commission isn’t THAT generous) but because I think it’s a good deal on a good product. But I’ll admit, it does help support TBG.

  8. John Ahern on Facebook says:

    i have not done test…how should i order so you get credit…will do tonight

  9. Just use the link in the article (I automatically get credit) — or you can use the Amazon search box on the right sidebar of any page, it doesn’t have to be on the same page or the same item. Thanks so much!

  10. John Ahern on Facebook says:

    you bet

  11. Katrina Drahos on Facebook says:

    I have these and love them!

  12. Walter Kueck says:

    Just bought the last set according to Amazon

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