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By Carolyn Shearlock, copyright 2012 . All rights reserved.

Quick and easy meals

Cruising in Mexico?  If so, here’s a great product that I was told about by Verena (Pacific Sailors) and then a few more friends have told me about it.

Basically, it’s pre-cooked meat in a bag that does NOT need to be refrigerated until it’s opened.  Each bag contains about a quarter-kilo of meat (a half pound), making it good for 2 or 3 servings.  It also comes in cans although I’m told that the bags have a somewhat better consistency (sort of like tuna in cans versus pouches).

Okay, you’re saying, so how do I use it (I know that was my biggest question when someone told me about a great local product)?  It’s got a little spice to it already, so don’t add too much more.  Try it — and the related turkey (pavo) and beef (carne de res) products, too.

  • Tacos
  • Enchiladas
  • Add to scrambled eggs, omelets or quiche
  • Mexican Layered Dip
  • Barbecue sandwiches (similar to pulled pork sandwiches)
  • Sauté with potatoes and onions

Obviously, this is great for people without refrigeration — either in the bag or canned.  But actually, almost anyone cruising Mexico is going to have days when it’s just plain hot out.  Since the Chata meats are already cooked, they take very little time on the stove before they’re ready to eat — and that translates to a lot less heat in the boat.

Verena reports that it’s fairly inexpensive at Costco in Baja — about $3 for a 3-pack — and slightly more at other groceries and on the mainland, but still not expensive.

I’ve looked all over for this in the US — either online or at a store near me.  I understand it’s available in some supermarkets in southern California, but I haven’t seen it in Illinois.  Online, it’s expensive.  Really expensive — over $10 per bag plus shipping.  So while it would be a great cruising and camping food, I don’t think I’ll be buying it in the US . . . or at least not until the price comes down a bit!

Have you used the bagged or canned chilorio?  What other dishes have you found to use it in?

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  1. Candy Ann Williams on Facebook says:

    I don’t remember ever seeing this. Wish I had-when we get back down I will definitely look for it-thanks.

  2. JayTami Klassen on Facebook says:

    On a similar note, lap xuong (Chinese sausage). Don’t have to refrigerate until opened, either. Viet-style fried rice has this in it, and I get it at the Asian markets. There’s also a version with chicken, a little lighter. see pic×846.jpg

  3. Ooh, that sounds good. Thanks for posting — the next time I’m in a larger town with an Asian market, I’ll look for it.

  4. Here is how we like to cook up “bagged meat”. It’s amazingly yummy! It’s a dish from Mexico’s state of Sinaloa (where most of Mexico’s best food seems to come from).

  5. We keep several bags of it on board for quick meals, topping a tostada, add ing to spaghetti or filling sopes for a potluck. The meat and a bit of media crema sour cream….. yumm!

  6. We have been using this product while we’ve been here in Mexico – it was great to have ut ub stock when we spent the summer in the northern Sea of Cortez – we eat so much fish that it was nice to have a little something different once in a while. We used it in homemade macaroni and cheese and already mentioned uses above. Great stuff.

  7. A while back, I saw a similar product at Costco in the states. It was a 3 pack of cooked ground beef. Each bag contained 1 kilo of cooked meat! Another lady was also looking at a package, turned to me, and said, “Neat idea but what would I do with a kilo of meat when I opened the bag!”

  8. Monika Bradley says:

    Just today I found something similar in my local store for under $3. “Rosarita spicy seasoned beef crumbles” product of Brasil. And for me the strong possibility that it is gluten free is a bonus

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