Canned Cream in Canada

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Nordex-CreamBoating in Canadian waters?  There’s some phenomenal cruising there, but I just found out from reader Leslie LaBute that you can’t buy Media Crema (canned half-and-half that doesn’t need refrigeration until it’s opened) there.  How horrible!  Media Crema is great for so many things and wonderful to have on a boat where refrigerator space is non-existent or very precious.

She’s actually gone so far as to bring some back from trips to the US, but just recently found an even better product that she can get in Canada!

Leslie reports that you can find these small (6 ounce – 3/4 cup – 170 ml) cans of “Cream Product” in the international aisle of the grocery store . . . or at least she can in Windsor, Ontario.  They’re a Danish product, from a company called Nordex.  As with Media Crema, the cans do not need to be refrigerated until they are opened.

You can use a can of the cream in the same way as I’ve discussed in the articles talking about Media Crema (available in Mexico and in the Latin foods aisle of most US supermarkets), although it contains about 25% less.  You can make sour cream, wonderful soups and more (see 10 great uses for Media Crema).  But the “cream product” has an extra benefit . . .

The label says it’s 23% butterfat — and it will whip!  Leslie chilled the can, then beat the contents with sugar and vanilla for about 5 minutes.  You can see the results in the photo below.  YUM!


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  1. never heard of it here in my neck of the woods in canada…hmm

  2. Will check it out in my neck of the woods on the West coast of B.C. Yes it is cool in the fall & winter but just lovin it right now with fresh snow on our local mountains ski today, tomorrow through the kayaks in the ocean or take our sailboat out. Yep sucks to be us!

  3. From Michigan as well! And this cream is actually sold at alot of middle eastern supermarkets here! I found this website while looking for a substitute for the “kushta cream” that i can pick up from a local grocery store. So canned half and half is the same?! Thanks

  4. Or if you are allergic to dairy use canned coconut milk (not fat free or light), chill in back of fridge, do NOT shake can, open and pour off water, beat the thick cream into whipped cream. Maple syrup makes a great sweetener for this.

  5. It is in Canada. I found it at No Frills in Saint John New Brunswick

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