The Boat Galley 2.0

By Carolyn Shearlock © 2012 • all rights reserved

The Boat Galley got a major redesign this past week!  The “idea” came about as I was having more and more problems with “technical” aspects of it — things that had been fine initially just weren’t as I wrote more and more articles and more people were visiting the site.  I was spending WAY too much time on “behind the scenes” maintenance.

So it was time for an upgrade.  And if I was going to go through the work of an upgrade, I wanted to fix a bunch of things while I was at it (isn’t that the way most refits begin?).

Two goals that will hopefully be of benefit to you:

  • the site adjusts for the size of your screen — meaning that it’s a lot easier to read on a smartphone, tablet, netbook or any other smaller monitor.  On a smaller screen, you see the main (left side) content first, then everything that’s in the right sidebar is below it.
  • faster loading.  If you’re somewhere with slow internet, this should make the site more usable.  So far, the page load time has been cut about in half — if you’re on a fast connection, you may not really notice it.  But if you’re at an internet cafe with one shared dial-up connection — or even using a Verizon air card — it should help.  Once things have settled down from this upgrade, I hope to do more tweaks to improve the speed even more.

The overall site layout hasn’t really changed.  The search box is still at the top, and all the categories are the same.  All the sharing and saving options have been added below articles, so you don’t have to scroll all the way to the top.

If there’s something you can’t find, something you’re not wild about or something you’d like to see in the next overhaul of the site, let me know in the comments!

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  1. Carolyn —

    Thank you for your wonderful work here! My wife and I love the information and appreciate your dedication to not just the cruising lifestyle, but also to building an entertaining and informative site.

    Your improvements will help us keep in touch and enjoy your site even more, both at home and on the road!



  2. Carolyn, I like the new format…as I am usually on my phone these days it does make it easier to read and I can tell it is faster loading. Thanks again for your hard work and your willingness to share your wealth of information with us all. Whether you are a newbie or a long time cruiser/live aboard there is something for everyone!!

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