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Sea-of-CortezI’m very excited!!!!  Dave and I are on our way to Loreto, on the Sea of Cortez.  I’m doing a couple of seminars at LoretoFest this weekend, then we’re heading out to the islands for several days aboard The Cat’s Meow with our good friends Robin & Martin Hardy.

As anyone who’s cruised in that area knows, internet coverage there can be iffy at best.  So while I’ll check in when I can, Jan will be monitoring the comments here on The Boat Galley and on The Boat Galley’s Facebook page.  I’ll answer the mountain of email that I know will appear after I return.  And I’ve written a slew of articles that will post while I’m gone . . . so keep checking back or sign up for my newsletter so you don’t miss any, even when you’re out on your boat.

For anyone who doesn’t know Jan Irons, she’s my cookbook co-author and writes CommuterCruiser, a great web site with all sorts of cruising info and checklists for those who leave their boat part of the year.

I’m not sure who originally took the photo at the top of this post . . . there was a series of aerial photos of Sea of Cortez anchorages that were passed around from cruiser to cruiser.  It shows boats anchored in Puerto Escondido, about 15 miles south of Loreto, and the site of LoretoFest (although there’s now a marina and mooring field).  It’s where we rode out Hurricane Mary in 2003 and the photo shows the area as it was around that time.  At the right of the photo, you can see the offshore islands — there’s gorgeous hiking and snorkeling in this area.

I’m sure I’ll come home with lots of new photos that I’ll post on Facebook, but for now, here’s a few from years past . . . starting with the boat we’ll be on, a 54-foot wooden trawler, The Cat’s Meow:

Robin, Martin and The Cat’s Meow were heroes in the aftermath of Hurricane Marty as TCM pulled at least a dozen grounded boats free with its powerful engine over the course of a week (read more about this).  Less than a year later, she went on the rocks as Robin and Martin got disoriented while trying to re-anchor when howling katabatic winds hit (we were anchored next to them and first on the scene; it was awful to have to tell them it was time to get off the boat at 2 AM as the situation only got worse).  Severely holed, she was pulled free by the Mexican Navy but immediately sunk.  A large group of very determined cruisers helped Robin and Martin re-float her (all that good karma they’d generated . . . ) and they spent the next two years gutting her and then putting her back together.


Robin and Martin, great friends and our hosts (I believe this was taken as the “We Survived Hurricane Marty” party wound down):


One of our favorite anchorages in the Sea, Honeymoon Cove is directly across from Puerto Escondido (that’s Que Tal in the distance):


One of my favorite photos (yeah, I love sunsets) — Vee Cove on Isla Carmen, also in the Loreto area.  A very exposed anchorage, don’t go here if thunderstorms (chubascos) are forecast . . . if you see one in the distance, haul up the anchor and go around the corner to Ballandra!

Vee Cove at Sunset

I’ll be back in two weeks . . . until then, enjoy the posts I’ve set up and go check out Jan’s Commuter Cruiser info!

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  1. Becky Kyes on Facebook says:

    We need to replace our countertop as well, so I’ll be looking forward to following this thread.

  2. We’ve heard so many good things about cruising the Sea of Cortez … looks beautiful! Sad story with a happy ending for your friends … how nice that others helped out.

    Have a great time!

  3. The SOC holds tightly onto a sweet little place in our hearts. I can juts imagine how good it feels to be heading back – and into the arms of good friends no less! Happy travels from the Totem crew. 🙂

  4. Nicola says:

    Have a fabulous trip & well-deserved break!!!

  5. Carla Adwell Webb on Facebook says:

    Enjoy Loreto Fest!

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