Are You Going to the Show?

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Going to the Annapolis Sailboat Show (2015)? Let's meet in person!

The Annapolis Sailboat Show (2015) starts in just one week!

Dave and I are going and I’d love to meet you if you’ll be there too. I don’t have a booth — they’re just too expensive for someone with only one book to sell.

We’re planning to be at the show Friday, October 9 through Sunday, the 11th. And I do have a few “fixed” places I’ll be at certain times:

Friday, October 9: Women Who Sail Get-Together at Pusser’s, 6PM

Saturday, October 10: SAIL magazine booth, 2 – 4 PM and Women Who Sail Get-Together at Annapolis Landing Marina, 5:30 PM

Sunday, October 11: Speaking on Sail the ICW seminar (all-day seminar with separate admission, get details here) — I’m speaking at the same time as Nigel Calder as the “non-technical alternative.”

Otherwise, we’ll be wandering around, looking at boats and booths (yeah, we’ve got a shopping list). We’re hoping to go to some of the seminars. You’ll probably be able to spot us, unless the weather forces us to wear jackets.

TBG shirt

If it’s jacket weather, you’ll have to look a little harder, but we’ll be wearing TBG ballcaps.

CKS hat

And if you’ll have a booth there, please leave a note in the comments (or in the comments on Facebook) and we’ll try to stop by!

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  1. Enjoy the Boat Show – it’s always a fun time 🙂

  2. We’ll be there Thursday. If you’re out and about we’ll look for you! Christine Johnbrier

  3. The Lazy Geckos will be there! Not sure which day yet.

  4. Sad we won’t make it to the show this year…maybe next year. Hope it goes well & the storm stays away!

  5. We went to the Newport boat show; won’t make this one as we are still doing boat prep and waiting for a weather window to head south (should have already left). Our friend Dave Foynes will have a Fatty Knees booth there, look him up if you get a chance! ( He may be sharing the booth with Scott Zein, Kingman Yacht Center, which is our home marina in the summer. Have a great time!

  6. Take your Green Wellies.

  7. We will be there, and will be looking for you guys!

  8. Enjoy!

  9. See ya there!!

  10. Excited to hear you’ll be there. My wife and I are pretty new to the sailing/cruising world, it only coming to mind about two years ago. But it’s been two years of reading, learning, and growing into what we hope to be our life in time. We moved to Maryland just in time to attend the last boat show and go to Cruiser’s University and started taking ASA classes after that. I’ve been following your blog almost since the beginning of our journey, and have learned so much. I hope to be able to stop by and say hi at some point. My wife actually volunteered and is working security for the show, so if one of the show workers approaches you and talks about her husband being excited to hear you were there, it’s probably her.

  11. We will definitely be there! Maybe we will run into each other!

  12. Please drop by our booth – YB1. We’ll look forward to seeing you there!

  13. Mary Watson says:

    Gonna be there on Friday…will keep an eye out for TBG!!

  14. Marc & Caroline Kornutik says:

    Thanks for so many great ideas ! I have told so many other sailors about your site.
    We have purchased quite a few of your suggestions and love the links to the Amazon site. Will be looking for you at the show !

  15. Diane Dashevsky says:

    Will keep my eyes open for you…I (maybe we) are going…but still not sure what day and what time since we are in high gear for getting ready to head to Marathon. If we don’t bump into each other, hope you have a great time! Looking forward to hopefully seeing you in Marathon….

  16. Outland Hatch Covers will be there.
    Stop by and visit us if you can. We are in booth O-19

  17. Jen Brett says:

    See you there!

  18. D and Don says:


    We will be working for the Annapolis Boat Shows and will be at the Yacht Basin gate (by the bridge) Hopefully you can enter through that one and we can at least touch base. We really appreciate your info, thank so much!

    D & Don

  19. Hello! We are also Gemini 105M owners, #557. We’ll be there on Saturday and if we’re still on the docks at 2pm we’ll stop at your booth and say hello.

    Tiffany and Charles

  20. Deb and Ron Kurtz says:

    It was so great to meet you at the boat show. We have been weekend sailors for 20 plus years and are new to the liveaboard life. You and Dave had some very good advice that made you feel like “Yes” we can do this. Dave said something like, ” Remember when you first started driving and you were afraid to park, but then it became no problem, you simply just pull into a space without much thought. Well, the more you do it the more comfortable it will become.” He reminded us that it will only get easier.
    I have learned so much by reading the Boat Galley and look forward to learning more. Meeting you and Dave was the highlight of the boat show. I was a little disappointed I didn’t get to see Paws. Maybe another time.
    Deb and Ron
    S/V Scheherazade

  21. Maje Brennan says:

    Well, crud. I missed you. We’ve been so busy I didn’t check your blog, then Hubby broke his toe, and I missed the two WWS get togethers. I hope to see you around some other time.


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